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We help UK drivers write appeal letters to appeal Regent Parking PCN and using the law to get your ticket cancelled!

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If you want to appeal your Regent Parking PCN and get it cancelled, we can help! Use our app to appeal yourself or send us your case. You can see the appeal options and pricing here.

Β£1000's of pounds saved for happy drivers

Many drivers have successfully had their parking tickets cancelled using Parking Mate UK.

Phillip Murray6 Tickets Cancelled
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I couldn't of sorted it myself.
Richard HobsonBrilliant
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Brilliant: as promised he got the ticket cancelled. Very easy to work with, excellent service provided!
Dean SimpsonExcellent service.
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Did wat they said they was gonna. Very fast no fuss. Wud definitely recommend Thanku guys 5 stars
Emma GiddingsExcellent and efficient service
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Excellent and efficient service received, I used the free template letter provided and today my parking ticket has been cancelled. Would recommend this company. Thanks
Titus AyodeleExcellent Service!
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PCN, I challenged and Leo support me to a positive response. Wonderful service
Paul BecqueExcellent
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Followed the instructions offered by Parking Mate and a couple of weeks later, the unfair ticket was dropped.
Simon BrownBrilliant!! Thank you!
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Thank you Leo for your efforts in resolving my parking ticket issue and saving me Β£85.00. An excellent hassle free service at an extremely fair price.

Your Regent Parking Appeal Options

Appeal your ticket yourself or send it to us for a specialist to challenge it. Choose an option to get started.

Appeal Yourself

Use our app to check your ticket & write your appeal letter.
£ 4
  • Write your appeal using our app
  • Submit your appeal to Regent Parking
  • Send your letter to The IAS
  • Wait for your appeal decision

We Appeal For You

Our appeal experts will represent you and win your case
£ 19
  • We will write your appeal letter
  • We send your appeal to Regent Parking
  • We will appeal to The IAS
  • No Win, No Fee Guarantee

Regent Parking Appeal Process

All private parking companies follow the same process to chase drivers who break rules of parking. This guide is written from the view of a motorist so you can know how to deal with parking tickets at all stages.

1. Send your appeal to Regent Parking

2. Check the appeal response

3. If rejected, send your appeal to The IAS

Step 1 – Send Your Appeal to Regent Parking

The first step is that you should send an appeal to Regent Parking when you get first receive your parking ticket. You have nothing to lose at this stage because if the appeal is rejected, Regent Parking, will offer you the discount amount.

Write your appeal letter using the Parking Mate UK app and explain why you believe the parking ticket should be cancelled. The App will also help you check if the ticket was issued correctly and you will find reasons you may not even have thought about. Remember, Regent Parking will often reject perfectly written appeals because they want to see if you will take your case to the tribunal.

Step 2 – What to do if Regent Parking Reject Your Appeal

Regent Parking may reject a perfectly written appeal because they know that most people will pay the discount amount rather than risk the full amount. However, if you have a strong case based on our appeal checklist below, you should appeal to the The IAS and take the case all the way. You should read the appeal response and often, the response will be generic. If everyone appealed Regent Parking PCN, most people would win.

You should ignore any request to provide the driver details.

Step 3 – Sending Your Regent Parking Appeal to The IAS

If you have written your appeal letter on the Parking Mate UK website, sending your appeal to Regent Parking should take you 2 minutes because you simply need to enter your details and attach PDF generated for you. Regent Parking will have send their case to the tribunal. If they don’t respond, the appeal will be allowed by The IAS. More appeals, more wins and money saved!

Regent Parking Appeals in Scotland and Northern Ireland

The law is different in Scotland and NI for private parking tickets.

Our app has the ready made template for challenging tickets issued here. We will guide you to write your perfect appeal letter which you can then comfortably send to Regent Parking.Β 

There is no need to try and explain what happened because POFA 2012 does not apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Start your appeal and get your appeal letter.

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Regent Parking FAQs

Answers to some common questions about Regent Parking

Private parking companies rely on people making mistakes in appeals to then demand payment. If you spend time writing an appeal without guidance, you may accidentally reveal that you are the driver or forget some easy loopholes that get your ticket cancelled. We provide you with carefully written appeal letters and an appeal guide to help you win your case.

If Regent Parking cancels your ticket right away, an appeal can be successful in as little as 24 hours, however, if the Regent Parking rejects your appeal, you may need to take your appeal toΒ  The IAS which could then take 2-3 months

No, it is no longer advisable to ignore parking tickets issued on private land. Since 2012, parking companies like Regent Parking were given powers to chase the vehicle keeper if they don’t know who the driver was. However, the same law also has conditions that Regent Parking must meet in order to chase the keeper. Our app is designed to make sure that Regent Parking comply with all legal requirements before you are forced to pay.

If you did not receive the PCN and you have a genuine case, Regent Parking are required to have a complaint process which you can use. Your complaint can not be an appeal, it must be a genuine complaint such as you made payment, you moved address or you never received a PCN.

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