How To Get {{mpg_partner_name}} Council PCN or Penalty Charge Notice Cancelled

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How To Challenge Your {{mpg_partner_name}} PCN

Parking Mate UK is an independent company helping UK drivers challenge {{mpg_partner_name}} Council Penalty Charge Notices, Charge Certificate and we stop bailiffs. Our system is designed to guide you to write the best appeals possible. Please see our support options below to see which option you should choose.

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About {{mpg_partner_name}} PCN - Penalty Charge Notice

{{mpg_partner_name}} Council is a local council responsible for ensuring drivers do not break rules for parking and keeping the public safe. They issue Penalty Charge Notices for breaking enforcement rules, however, any penalty charge notice can be appealed and cancelled! 

How to contact {{mpg_partner_name}}

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{{mpg_partner_name}} Street Sign

Challenge {{mpg_partner_name}} Council Penalty Charge Notice

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There are 100s of reasons to get your {{mpg_partner_name}} PCN cancelled, we can help you check the best reasons and get it cancelled. Our appeal letters check if {{mpg_partner_name}} issued your parking fine correctly.

A Penalty Charge Notice must be cancelled if:

  • {{mpg_partner_name}} have not issued it correctly
  • There is no clear signage to enforce the Penalty Charge Notice
  • If you have a legal exemption like Blue Badge
  • If you have good reasons to get your PCN cancelled

We will guide you step by step to write and send your appeal to {{mpg_partner_name}} or {{mpg_tribunal}}.

How To Get Your Penalty Charge Notice Cancelled

I have received a Notice of Rejection from {{mpg_partner_name}} Council

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If your appeal has been rejected by {{mpg_partner_name}}, we recommend writing an appeal and sending it to {{mpg_tribunal}}. Alternatively, you can visit {{mpg_website}} to pay your PCN.

Your Appeal Was Rejected Within 28 Days:

  • You can send your appeal to {{mpg_tribunal}}, simply follow our instructions to challenge your penalty charge notice
  • The council must send a notice of rejection within 56 days, if not, the appeal will be allowed

Appeal Rejected More Than 28 Days Ago:

  • If your appeal was rejected more than 28 days ago and you received a notice of rejection, you can still appeal to {{mpg_tribunal}}.
  • The adjudicator will accept your appeal if you explain why you have not been able to appeal on time.
How To Challenge Your Penalty Charge Notice

Challenge A {{mpg_partner_name}} Council Charge Certificate

charge certificate sample
Charge Certificate

A Charge Certificate must be cancelled if:

  • {{mpg_partner_name}} have not issued a Penalty Charge Notice
  • It is issued before {{mpg_partner_name}} reply to your appeal
  • If your appeal is still with {{mpg_tribunal}}
  • If you have already paid the {{mpg_partner_name}} Penalty Charge Notice

How To Challenge Your Charge Certificate Letter

Don’t worry, If the council do not accept your application or reduce the Charge Certicate, it can be cancelled at the Order for Recovery stage if you respond within 21 days.

Remember: If a Charge Certificate is issued incorrectly, the WHOLE PCN is voided.

Challenge A {{mpg_partner_name}} Order for Recovery

london order for recovery
Charge Certificate

An Order for Recovery must be cancelled if:

  • Simply respond within 21 days of the Order for Recovery being issued
  • If {{mpg_partner_name}} never issued you a Penalty Charge Notice
  • If your appeal is still with {{mpg_partner_name}} or {{mpg_tribunal}}
  • If you have already paid the {{mpg_partner_name}} Penalty Charge Notice

How To Challenge Your Order For Recovery

Don’t worry, The TEC will suspend any bailiff enforment and a judge will review your case.

How To Stop Bailiff Enforcement or Vehicle Clamping

bailiff photo

Receiving a letter threatening bailiff action can be distressing and worrying. Often bailiffs can threaten to enter your home, clamp your car or take your car in order to pursue an unpaid penalty charge notices from {{mpg_partner_name}}. 

Our team are specialists in stopping Bailiff Enforcement and setting things right. We can:

  • Suspend bailiff enforcement within 72 hours to give you breathing space
  • Write Court Documents to Challenge the Bailiff Warrant
  • Stop Bailiffs From Taking Your Vehicle or Removing A Clamp
  • We can often get PCN’s reduced from £278/£513 to £65

pay {{mpg_partner_name}} PCN

We highly recommend that you appeal your penalty charge notice before you make payment.

You should only pay your PCN if you appeal your PCN and the appeal is rejected. If you want to pay, the instructions are provided here.

How to pay your {{mpg_partner_name}} PCN:

  1. Go to {{mpg_partner_name}} website
  2. Choose pay a PCN penalty charge notice or parking fine
  3. Enter your pcn details
  4. Enter your payment details
  5. Payment will be processed

Please note that once payment is made, you cannot appeal because it is considered an admission of guilt and the case will be closed.