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Notice of Rejection

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How to Challenge a Notice of Rejection for Free

A notice of rejection is sent after the council has rejected your formal representation. You should respond with either an appeal to the tribunal or by making full payment.

You will learn how to get out of your ticket, the appeal process and how to write an appeal for free.

Notice of Rejection Appeal Process

These are the steps that the penalty charge notice will go through if it is not paid or cancelled. You can expand each section to see more details.

If the local council refuse to cancel a penalty charge notice, they will send a Notice of Rejection. 

At this stage, you have nothing to lose and you should take the case to the tribunal for a decision. Occasionally, the council may offer a discount with the notice of rejection to encourage you to pay.

You should send an appeal to the tribunal which explains the reason why your appeal should be allowed. The tribunal is independent and impartial, meaning they will make a decision fairly. 

The tribunal will make a decision based on the evidence provided by both the council and the person appealing.

If your ticket has gone beyond the tribunal, please see the penalty charge notice process for options.

Notice of Rejection Appeal Options

notice of rejection photo
notice of rejection


The Notice of Rejection must state that you have to make payment within 28 days from the date printed. The amount will not increase within 28 days. This is the last opportunity to make payment for the penalty charge.

Tribunal Appeal

A notice of rejection means that the appellant must now send their representations to London Tribunals were adjudicators can assess the representation. An appeal must be sent within 28 days although adjudicators can consider late appeals if you explain why the appeal is late.


If you ignore the notice of rejection, the council will send a charge certificate after 28 days and increase the amount due to either £165 for the lower rate PCNs or £195 for the higher rate PCN's.

How to Check a Notice of Rejection

The following section will help you check if the council issued the notice of rejection properly. If there is a mistake, your appeal will have a strong chance of being successful.

Remember that the council have to follow the law correctly.

What to Check on a Notice of Rejection

  • The notice must be issued within 56 days after the formal representation
  • The council have to address all the points made in your appeal
  • The council should not send a charge certificate within 28 days after the rejection notice
  • The notice must say you have 28 days to appeal to the tribunal and the time limit can be extended

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a notice of rejection mean?

A notice of rejection means the council does not agree with your representation and believes that you must pay the outstanding penalty charge notice. It must explain why the council have rejected your representation and provide details on making payment or appealing to the tribunal.

What should a notice of rejection include ?

According to the Civil Enforcement regulations here, the notice of rejection must include:
  • Information about the charge certificate being issued
  • Information about adjudicators awarding costs
  • State how an appeal must be made

How long do the council have to respond?

The law clearly states here (see point 6) that “the council have to respond to your appeal within 56 days.” If the council does not respond within 56 days, they are deemed to have accepted your appeal and must refund any money paid. Send them an email to remind them should of this duty and the appeal must be allowed and the penalty charge notice will be closed.

Best defences to a notice of rejection ?

The law states here that the notice of rejection must contain specific information and wording. So if the information above is not included, the council have made a procedural error and the adjudicator will allow the appeal. The Parking Mate UK app has a checklist for what the notice of rejection must contain.