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important Information About Your Appeals

Questions And Answers

We have a very high success rate because we use facts and law to do appeals. We do a detailed review of the parking law in order to write your best defence. We rarely use mitigating reasons in your appeal.

Our goal is to appeal your parking ticket and win. We understand all the laws for parking charge notices and penalty charge notices. Ultimately you are still responsible for your ticket.

We provide a guarantee for all parking appeals if the appeal fails because of our process. Parking appeals can not be guaranteed because we try to help drivers avoid mistakes, however, we do review your case before we take it on ..

We aim to write appeals within 24 – 48 hours. However, during busy times, we appeal parking tickets in the order they are due. We also set reminders so we don’t miss any important dates.

You can call us, send us an email, contact us on live chat, our contact details are provided below.

We can help you appeal parking tickets whatever the reason for issue. We help with parking tickets issued at supermarkets, bus lanes, congestion charge, ULEZ and all parking related issues.

We are located in London, Westminster. However, because we handle many parking tickets per day, appointments are by exception only.

We provide a full transparent service, reminders and you will receive a copy of all communications we send.