Hackney PCN appeal guide

Received a Hackney pcn?

If you have received a Hackney pcn, you therefore need a great appeal letter to get your ticket cancelled.
This page will give you full details on how to challenge your penalty charge notice and win.
Use our dedicated app to write your FREE parking ticket appeal letter and our parking guide to get instant advice.

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47% Hackney pcn Appeal success

A report from London Councils in 2019, showed that when motorists took cases to the tribunal, they won 47% of appeals of Hackney Parking Fines. The council didn’t even contest 59% of successful appeals meaning motorists won without the case being heard. 


Use our app to write a professional appeal letter and thereby increase the chance of getting your parking fine cancelled.

top Hackney pcn defences on our app

Council Errors

Ticket Warden Errors

Parking Ticket Instant Advice

Get instant advice on how to resolve your parking fine.

Parking Ticket Instant Advice

Joanna Reeves Review

Business Owner, Westminster

I am often busy servicing clients, so when I received 12 parking tickets on my vehicles during lockdown in Westminster, I was distraught, therefore, I used the Parking Mate UK app to write my appeal letters, as a result I had 11 tickets cancelled which saved me £1,170. Based on my experience, I highly recommend this service. It took around 8 minutes to write each appeal letter.


Contact information

Website: Newham parking website
Phone: 020 8430 2000
Newham Parking
PO Box 1125
Warrington WA55 1EJ

top Hackney pcn hotspots

* Based on data from London Tribunals from 2019.
You are more than likely to receive a Hackney parking ticket in these hotspots, so be aware and park carefully.

Top Contraventions

  • Parked in a restricted street
  • Parked in a suspended bay
  • Failure to comply prohibition
  • Parked in a loading place, no loading
  • Failing to comply in pedestrian zone

Parking Hotspots

  • Mare Street
  • Rivington Street
  • Hoxton Street
  • Reading Lane
  • Ridley Road

penalty charge FAQ

Can you ignore the penalty charge ?

Based on the parking tribunal Patrol, If you ignore the penalty charge, , this can be registered as a County Court debt and a further costs will be added to the cost.

Do i pay the Hackney penalty charge ?

You should either appeal the penalty charge notice and get it cancelled or pay it. Failure to do so means it will increase in cost and the council will keep chasing for payment.

Can you pay a PCN and then appeal ?

No, paying a PCN is an admission of guilt and is deemed as final settlement of the penalty charge notice. You should appeal as early as possible to preserve the lower pcn amount.

How do I appeal against a penalty charge notice ?

Use the Parking Mate UK app to write a comprehensive appeal letter for parking fines and send it to the council.