Appeal Lothbury Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

Use our Free Parking Ticket Appeal Letter service and guidance to challenge your City of London Parking Fine  issued on Lothbury in City of London. Our guide will help you save money on unfair parking fines.

How to appeal your Lothbury, City of London Penalty Charge

If you received a PCN on Lothbury in City of London, appealing your penalty charge notice could not be easier. Simply use the Parking Mate UK app to write your appeal letter and send it to City of London.

Top parking fine contraventions you can appeal for free:

  1. Being in a bus lane
  2. Parking in a restricted street
  3. Failing to comply with restriction
  4. Failing to pay and display a parking permit
  5. Residents shared use place without permit
  6. Entering and stopping in a box junction
  7. Footway parking (one – four wheels on footway
  8. Red Route stopped where prohibited
Parking Guide

How to Appeal City of London Parking Fine

Follow this guide to write your parking ticket appeal and win

1. Collect Evidence

Collect any evidence from Lothbury such as photos of bad signs, road markings and permits. Check the City of London parking website for additional evidence.

2. Traffic Tribunal Cases

The London Tribunal has a collection of all successful appeals on Lothbury with City of London. See the steps below on how to find your London Tribunal case.

3. Write your Appeal

Once you have collected your evidence, simply write your appeal letter on Parking Mate UK. Your appeal will now have a strong case to win and be successful.

Finding Decisions & Loopholes For Your Parking Fine

If you can find a key case at London Tribunals where assessors allowed appeals, you can use supporting cases to see why appeals where allowed and use the same reasons to appeal your PCN for your City of London PCN. To find similar cases, simply follow the steps below. You can see the key cases here

Finding cases at London Tribunal:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Statutory Registers
  3. Select search under Environment and Traffic Adjudicators
  4. Enter the following:
    • Enforcing authority as City of London
    • Enter desired dates
    • Outcome as Appeal allowed

You will then be presented with a list of all successful appeal cases which you can review and find one that matches your case. Simply copy the “case reference number” and “adapt the text from the decision” to include in your appeal letter.