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About Harper Adams University

Harper Adams University manage a number of car parks across the UK and are members of the British Parking Association.

If you have been issued an unfair parking fine, we are here to help. 

Start your appeal or send us your ticket and our experts will challenge it for you on a no-win, no-fee basis.

We are here to help

Wow so impressed! If it wasn't for parking mate my original appeal to Horizon parking would have failed. So grateful and happy they were able to sort out both mine and my partners tickets. Both were cancelled within a day!

Parking Charge Notice Appeal Options

For parking charge notices issued within the last 28 days or appeal is in progress

Write Your Appeal

Write an appeal letter. We will check if your ticket was issued correctly and provide your letter instantly to submit.

Send us your ticket

Send your parking charge notice to us. We will check if it can be cancelled and then submit your appeal for you.

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If you have any questions, send us your parking charge notice and we will let you know if it can be cancelled.

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County Court Claim

Defend your court claim. We will write and submit your defence for you instantly.

Defence Writing Service

We can write and submit your defence for you. Simply send us your case to get started.

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Harper Adams University PCN Advice

Can I ignore Harper Adams University PCN?

Since the law changed in 2015, it is no longer advisable to ignore Harper Adams University tickets. If you ignore the ticket, enforcement will continue and might result in a county court claim. If the case goes to court, you will have to spend time defending the claim and attending court so you don’t get a CCJ.

Do I have to pay a Harper Adams University PCN?

In a recent post, Quality Solicitors answered the to pay or not to pay question.  You should only pay your Harper Adams University PCN if you have tried to appeal and the appeal has not been accepted. The article confirms that “Whilst it may be time consuming and costly for a car parking operative to take you to the Civil Courts, if they want to, they can.” So appeal your ticket to Harper Adams University or POPLA and if not successful, make payment.

Is Harper Adams University parking charge legal?

Yes, a parking charge notice issued by Harper Adams University is legal because it’s an invoice that has to be issued correctly. If they use the law to issue the invoice, the vehicle keeper will be liable to pay it if its not paid.

Can Harper Adams University take me to court?

This go girl article confirmed that private parking companies can take you to court if you ignore their parking charge notice. Parking enforcement is governed by British Parking Association who set the rules on how Harper Adams University should operate.

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