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If you have received aΒ Minster Baywatch PCN, use Parking Mate UK to appeal your Minster Baywatch ticket and get it cancelled. Save Β£100s

Emma GiddingsExcellent and efficient service
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Excellent and efficient service received, I used the free template letter provided and today my parking ticket has been cancelled. Would recommend this company. Thanks
Phillip Murray6 Tickets Cancelled
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I couldn't of sorted it myself.
Richard HobsonBrilliant
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Brilliant: as promised he got the ticket cancelled. Very easy to work with, excellent service provided!
Dean SimpsonExcellent service.
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Did wat they said they was gonna. Very fast no fuss. Wud definitely recommend Thanku guys 5 stars
Titus AyodeleExcellent Service!
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PCN, I challenged and Leo support me to a positive response. Wonderful service
Paul BecqueExcellent
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Followed the instructions offered by Parking Mate and a couple of weeks later, the unfair ticket was dropped.
Simon BrownBrilliant!! Thank you!
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Thank you Leo for your efforts in resolving my parking ticket issue and saving me Β£85.00. An excellent hassle free service at an extremely fair price.

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  • Please note that we do not issue Minster Baywatch fines but we appeal and get your parking ticket cancelled.

How To Appeal Minster Baywatch PCN

To appeal your Minster Baywatch PCN, answer a few simple questions, upload some photos and our app will write your appeal letter and help you check if your ticket was issued correctly.

Stop Minster Baywatch Debt Recovery

Learn the secrets we use to stop Minster Baywatch Debt Recovery letters. We know your rights and how to stop unfair enforcement.

Defend Minster Baywatch Court Claim

We can help you defend a Minster Baywatch County Court ClaimΒ issued via MCOL.Β Get your defence instantly, we submit it for you and provide a step by step guide to help you prepare for the hearing.

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Minster Baywatch PCN Advice

Can I ignore Minster Baywatch PCN?

Since the law changed in 2015, it is no longer advisable to ignore Minster Baywatch tickets. If you ignore the ticket, enforcement will continue and might result in a county court claim. If the case goes to court, you will have to spend time defending the claim and attending court so you don’t get a CCJ.

Do I have to pay a Minster Baywatch PCN?

In a recent post, Quality Solicitors answered the to pay or not to pay question.Β  You should only pay your Minster Baywatch PCN if you have tried to appeal and the appeal has not been accepted. The article confirms that “Whilst it may be time consuming and costly for a car parking operative to take you to the Civil Courts, if they want to, they can.” So appeal your ticket to Minster Baywatch or POPLAΒ and if not successful, make payment.

Is Minster Baywatch parking charge legal?

Yes, a parking charge notice issued by Minster Baywatch is legal because it’s an invoice that has to be issued correctly. If they use the law to issue the invoice, the vehicle keeper will be liable to pay it if its not paid.

Can Minster Baywatch take me to court?

This go girl article confirmed that private parking companies can take you to court if you ignore their parking charge notice. Parking enforcement is governed by British Parking Association who set the rules on how Minster Baywatch should operate.