About Us

Parking Mate UK is the UK’s dedicated parking ticket appeal website that makes it possible to appeal any parking ticket and provides detailed guides on how to do it. No one likes paying parking tickets and this website helps drivers so they don’t lose their hard earned money.

  • 300+ Operators
  • 438 Local Councils
  • 1000+ Appeals

Hey there, I'm Leo Musami

I am the CEO and Founder of Parking Mate UK. In November 2019, I had more than 13 parking tickets totalling £2600. 

I lost my beloved 2007 BMW 325 coupe to bailiffs who took it while I was working.
The experienced left me feeling angry and vulnerable.

I looked online for help but some of the advice was dated or impractical. I was worried about giving my personal details on online forums.

How we got here:

  1. I quit my senior project management role in October 2019
  2. I setup the private parking appeal app in December 2019
  3. I setup the council appeal letter app in April 2020 
  4. I have helped over 700 drivers resolve tickets including saving 1 driver £16,000

Parking Mate UK is fiercely dedicated to stop unfair parking tickets and put the control back in the hands of motorists.

How We Support

Private Appeals

Learn how to appeal private tickets with legal loopholes 

Council Appeals

Learn how to challenge council parking fines

Managed Appeals

Our trusted team will support you with your case

Contact Info

If you are sending an enquiry about a parking ticket, please use your dedicated account or WhatsApp.