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The story of Parking Mate UK

What we Believe

Parking Mate UK is the UK’s dedicated parking ticket appeal website that makes it possible to appeal any parking ticket.

No one likes paying parking tickets and this website helps drivers so they don’t lose their hard earned money.

Fighting for Drivers

I am the CEO and Founder of Parking Mate UK. In November 2019, I had more than 13 parking tickets totalling £2600. 

I decided to start platform to help drivers appeal parking ticket. We have launched various tools to help drivers all the way.

Private Parking Appeals

We help drivers check if their parking ticket has been issued correctly according to POFA 2012.

Penalty Charge Appeals

Our app can help you check if your PCN was issued correctly using the correct law.

Court Claims

Defending court claims now takes a few minutes thanks to our online court claim defence service.

Bailiff Enforcement

Learn how to stop bailiffs from taking your car and charging unfair fees.

Recent Case Studies

We Stop Unfair Enforcement

Use our support services to defend yourself from unfair parking fine.s.

Parking companies would never admit to making mistakes during enforcement, so we help drivers identify the errors and win..

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