APCOA Sandwich Station Penalty Notice

We Can Challenge Your APCOA Sandwich Station Penalty Notice

We Challenge APCOA Sandwich Station Penalty Notice

Have you received a penalty notice for parking at Sandwich Station by APCOA Parking Limited? We can challenge it for you.

We charge £19.99 to challenge your penalty notice so that it is cancelled and offer a no-win no fee guarantee.

A penalty notice must be issued correctly by law for it to be enforceable. If not, we will use the law to get it cancelled and save you up to £100.

APCOA are unlikely to cancel your penalty notice if you have not paid for parking, if you didn’t pay enough or if you simply want to explain what happened.

We guarantee to win your case or your money back!!!!!

Apcoa Penalty Notice

How it works

Here is how we challenge your penalty notice.


Submit your ticket

Complete our form to send us your case.

Provide your penalty notice details and attach a photo. 

Pay £19.99 for us to appeal prepare your appeal

Submit Your Ticket
48 Hours
48 Hours

We Prepare Your Appeal

We will check the penalty notice and prepare your appeal letter.

We will then submit your appeal to APCOA and send you an email confirmation.

28 days
28 days

Wait For Appeal Decision

It can take up to 28 days to get a response to your appeal.

If your appeal is rejected, simply forward your case to POPLA for a final decision.

+28 days
+28 days

Wait For POPLA Decision

If APCOA reject your appeal, we provide instructions to send your case to POPLA.

Simply wait for POPLA to make a final decision.

If your appeal is rejected, we will refund your fee.

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