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Frequently asked questions

At Parking Mate UK, we have helped hundreds of motorists stop unfair parking fines or enforcement.
For over 3 years, we have won thousands of case, helping them save on average £130.
If you have questions, we have the answers.

We help you check if the parking company has complied with the law before making you liable for a parking charge notice. If they did not, we will help you win your case.

You are welcome to appeal yourself, however, please remember that if you make mistakes in your appeal, this cannot be reversed and you might weaken your own case. Our system provides instructions at each stage of your appeal.

If you have a complicated case, you are welcome to send us your case and we will help you challenge it. 

For self service, we do not provide any guarantees but we will guide you to make the best possible appeal. For our support services, please check under the pricing options for guarantees.

If you have many parking tickets, we can help. Each parking ticket may be at a different stage, simply use our dedicated apps to challenge each case.