Penalty Charge FAQ

We answer your Penalty charge FAQ

Can you ignore the penalty charge ?

Based on the parking tribunal Patrol, If you ignore the penalty charge, , this can be registered as a County Court debt and a further costs will be added to the cost.

Do i have to pay the penalty charge ?

You should either appeal the penalty charge notice and get it cancelled or pay it. Failure to do so means it will increase in cost and the council will keep chasing for payment.

Can you pay a PCN and then appeal ?

No, paying a PCN is an admission of guilt and is deemed as final settlement of the penalty charge notice. You should appeal as early as possible to preserve the lower pcn amount.

How do I appeal against a penalty charge notice ?

Use the Parking Mate UK app to write a comprehensive appeal letter for parking fines and send it to the council.

How long do the council have to issue a penalty charge notice ?

A penalty charge notice must be issued to the vehicle owner within 28 days of the contravention.

How long does the council have to respond to a PCN appeal ?

The council have 56 days to respond to the formal appeal

On what grounds can you appeal a PCN ?

Please use the parking fine appeal letter app to find all the grounds relevant to your penalty charge. You can read this page from London Tribunals to see the legal grounds for appeal.

What happens if I challenge a PCN ?

The council must review your appeal and respond with a notice of acceptance or notice of rejection. If your appeal is accepted, the PCN is closed. If your appeal is rejected, you can appeal to London Tribunal