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How To Write Your Britannia Parking Appeal

If you get a Britannia Parking PCN, the best way to appeal is using the Parking Mate UK app and either get it cancelled completely or reduced. Just answer a few simple questions and we will prepare your perfectly worded letter to appeal for only Β£4.99.

1. Enter PCN Details

2. Answer simple questions

3. Add your contact details

4. Get your appeal letter

Top reasons to get your Britannia Parking ticket cancelled

Here are top appeal reasons to get Britannia Parking tickets cancelled using Parking Mate UK.

  1. The notice to keeper was not sent within 14 days
  2. The driver was a customer when they parked
  3. The driver paid for parking but made a mistake with the registration
  4. The signs were not clear or easy to read at the car park
  5. The operator had no valid contract at the car park
  6. The ticket doesn’t show how long the car was parked
  7. The driver had authorisation to park and many more …

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Brilliant: as promised he got the ticket cancelled. Very easy to work with, excellent service provided!
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Excellent and efficient service received, I used the free template letter provided and today my parking ticket has been cancelled. Would recommend this company. Thanks
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PCN, I challenged and Leo support me to a positive response. Wonderful service
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Followed the instructions offered by Parking Mate and a couple of weeks later, the unfair ticket was dropped.
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Thank you Leo for your efforts in resolving my parking ticket issue and saving me Β£85.00. An excellent hassle free service at an extremely fair price.

All the top reasons work because Britannia Parking have to follow POFA 2012 and British Parking Association Operator guidelines when issuing parking tickets to drivers.

How To Check if your parking charge was issued correctly

The first step is to check if the parking charge notice has been issued correctly according to POFA 2012, this is the law used to make vehicle owners liable for a parking charge notice if the driver is not known.

  1. The ticket must be issued within 14 days if sent by post
  2. The parking charge notice must clearly show the period of parking. Meaning you be able to see how long the vehicle was at the car park
  3. The parking charge notice must clearly say that β€œif payment is not made within 28 days, the operator can make the vehicle keeper liable”. This is important.

Once POFA 2012 is checked, the next step is to check if Britannia Parking have issued it correctly according to the British Parking Association. The most important things to check are:

  1. Britannia Parking have a valid contract with the landowner to issue parking charge notices. For commercial reasons, Britannia Parking may not share this document with you directly, but it’s usually shared with POPLA or during court proceedings.
  2. Britannia Parking also need to have signs at the car park to make sure that they are forming contracts with drivers. The key rules for signs are that they must be:
    • Clearly displayed at the car park
    • Be easy to read from a safe distance show the terms of parking
    • The signs must also be easy to read at night
parking eye also
Britannia Parking car park sign

If you are using the Parking Mate UK app to appeal, these items are easy to select on our app. Plus we have already research the British Parking Association requirements. Just select the options which apply to you.

The Parking Mate UK appeal app has been developed after extensive research of the rules and laws that Britannia Parking rely on.

  • We know the rules set by British Parking Association
  • We checked the rules set in law by POFA 2012
  • You simply need to check if your ticket has followed the rules.
  • We use this to build your case and beat the Britannia Parking fine.

If you are ready to write your appeal for your Britannia Parking ticket? The options are super simple and tailored for each type of car park.

Britannia Parking Appeal Process

All private parking companies follow the same process to chase drivers who break rules of parking. This guide is written from the view of a motorist so you can know how to deal with parking tickets at all stages.

Step 1 – Send Your Appeal to Britannia Parking

The first step is that you should send an appeal to Britannia Parking when you get first receive your parking ticket. You have nothing to lose at this stage because if the appeal is rejected, Britannia Parking, will offer you the discount amount.

Write your appeal letter using the Parking Mate UK app and explain why you believe the parking ticket should be cancelled. The App will also help you check if the ticket was issued correctly and you will find reasons you may not even have thought about. Remember, Britannia Parking will often reject perfectly written appeals because they want to see if you will take your case to the tribunal.

Step 2 – What to do if Britannia Parking Reject Your Appeal

Britannia Parking may reject a perfectly written appeal because they know that most people will pay the discount amount rather than risk the full amount. However, if you have a strong case based on our appeal checklist below, you should appeal to the POPLA and take the case all the way. You should read the appeal response and often, the response will be generic. If everyone appealed Britannia Parking PCN, most people would win.

You should ignore any request to provide the driver details.

Step 3 – Sending Your Britannia Parking Appeal to POPLA

If you have written your appeal letter on the Parking Mate UK website, sending your appeal to Britannia Parking should take you 2 minutes because you simply need to enter your details and attach PDF generated for you. Britannia Parking will have 28 days to respond to the tribunal. If they don’t respond, the appeal will be allowed by POPLA. More appeals, more wins and money saved!

Britannia Parking PCN in Scotland and Northern Ireland

If you receive a Britannia Parking ticket, you should write a very short and sweet appeal to the operator as the vehicle keeper. There is no need to try and explain yourself as POFA 2012 does not apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Simply say the following in your appeal summary:

β€œPOFA 2012 does not currently apply and can not be used to transfer liability to the keeper. The driver will not be named, therefore the operator must allow the appeal, remove keeper details and cancel the parking charge”.

This appeal will be enough as long as you appeal as the vehicle keeper. Do not make the mistake of naming the driver at any point. Any company that contacts you regarding a parking charge can be given the same short and sweet appeal.

How to Submit Your Britannia Parking Appeal

  • Go to Britannia Parking’s appeal page
  • Enter your PCN details
  • Enter your details
  • In the appeal say β€œplease see attached letter”
  • Under supporting documentation, attach the PDF letterΒ from the Parking Mate UK app
  • Click Submit

How to Pay Your Britannia Parking PCN

  • Go to Britannia Parking’s payment page
  • Click Payment then Pay
  • Enter your personal and card details
  • Click pay to finishΒ 

Upcoming changes to the law

In March 2019, the government reported a change to how private parking will be managed. The Parking (Code of Practice) Bill 2017-19Β was introduced to introduce a new code of practice.

The Parking (Code of Practice) Bill was a Private Members Bill introduced by Sir Greg Knight MP, supported by the government.

The announcement says β€œCurrently there are two parking trade associations, the British Parking Association and the International Parking Community. Each has a Code of Practice that their members are required to abide by, but there is no single set of rules, so motorists are vulnerable to bad private parking practices such as deliberately poor signage and unfair parking fines.”

We are following developments on this and we will update our app as soon as the new changes finally kick in expected late 2021 or early 2022.

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Britannia Parking FAQs

Answers to some common questions about Britannia Parking

Private parking companies rely on people making mistakes in appeals to then demand payment. If you spend time writing an appeal without guidance, you may accidentally reveal that you are the driver or forget some easy loopholes that get your ticket cancelled. We provide you with carefully written appeal letters and an appeal guide to help you win your case.

If Britannia Parking cancels your ticket right away, an appeal can be successful in as little as 24 hours, however, if the Britannia Parking rejects your appeal, you may need to take your appeal toΒ  POPLA which could then take 2-3 months

No, it is no longer advisable to ignore parking tickets issued on private land. Since 2012, parking companies like Britannia Parking were given powers to chase the vehicle keeper if they don’t know who the driver was. However, the same law also has conditions that Britannia Parking must meet in order to chase the keeper. Our app is designed to make sure that Britannia Parking comply with all legal requirements before you are forced to pay.

If you did not receive the PCN and you have a genuine case, Britannia Parking are required to have a complaint process which you can use. Your complaint can not be an appeal, it must be a genuine complaint such as you made payment, you moved address or you never received a PCN.

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