UK Parking Ticket Appeals Made Easy

If you don’t want to pay your parking ticket, we can help appeal your parking ticket & get it cancelled. Check your ticket to see our support options or send it to us for review.

How Our Appeal Service Works

1. WhatsApp Review

Send your ticket for a free impartial review so we can check if your ticket can be cancelled.

2. Send Your Ticket

Create an Account, Pay for support and send us your ticket so your dedicated case worker can prepare your appeal.

3. Appeal Submitted

Your case worker will submit your appeal to the issuer, and provide instructions if the appeal is rejected.

Parking Ticket Appeal Letter

Private companies and councils want you to use mitigating reasons because they don’t work. 

Use our app and improve your chance of getting your ticket cancelled by fighting with legal points and find mistakes.

Private Parking Appeal Letter

Write a parking charge appeal letter instantly using our app. It will help you avoid making mistakes like naming the driver. Your letter will be delivered instantly.

Penalty Charge Appeal Letter

Write a penalty charge appeal letter instantly using our app. Check if the parking fine was issued correctly and send your best letter to the council.

WhatsAPP Instant Review

Send us a photo of your ticket on WhatsApp for an instant review.

Parking Ticket Appeal Options

A summary of our appeal services for your parking tickets

Standard Appeal Letter

Send us your parking ticket and we will prepare your best parking appeal letter. We review your ticket extensively and write a tailored appeal letter. We will do the hard work so you don’t have to. From £17.99


Non Standard Appeal Letter

If you have received a letter from a debt recovery company like Debt Recovery Plus, CST Law or bailiff enforcement, we can help you deal with the case. Send us your ticket for review to get started. From £29.99

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The goal for Parking Mate UK is to make it easy to appeal any parking ticket issued by local councils or private companies. Parking ticket enforcement is wrapped with legislation, rules and terms most customers do not understand. We are dedicated to helping you fight unfair parking fines and save you money.

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February 2020

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February 2020

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Georgia Mitchell
March 2020

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