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Parking Mate UK

Appeal Unfair Parking Fines Easily.

Parking Mate UK makes challenging your parking ticket easy. We will check your PCN for legal loopholes and provide an appeal letter for your specific case.

We guide you through the entire appeal process step by step. So, whether you're dealing with PCNs, court claims, CCJs, or bailiff letters. With us by your side, you're covered at every step!

Our Mission

Each year, Parking Mate UK helps over 400,000 UK drivers fight parking tickets from start to finish. We provide handy tools, like ready-to-use appeal letter templates and impartial advice, to tackle any unfair parking ticket.

Whether you have just received a parking fine or have a complex situation involving bailiffs or court claims, we’re here to guide step by step through the process.

Our online tools like Check Your Ticket can instantly guide you on how to get started, make legal stuff easy to understand and help you come out on top!

Why Use Us

Learn how we make it easy to challenge parking tickets.

Legal Letters

Check your private or council PCN instantly and we will provide you a legal PDF letter.

Submission Instructions

We provide instructions on how to submit letters correctly to avoid common mistakes.

Court Support

We help you defend court claims and CCJ's easily, increasing you success rate.

Appeal Dashboard

Keep track of your appeals and cases in one simple place and handle appeals easily.

Our Services

Our services are designed to help you win and save money.

Parking Charge Notice

Check a private parking PCN for mistakes, find legal loopholes and submit a strong appeal. Only £4.99 for legal letters that win.

Debt Recovery Advice

Learn why you should not pay or respond to a debt recovery letter and avoid recovery fees.​ Our free advice will save you money and stress.

County Court Claim

Defend your court claim and get a strong defence and avoid getting a CCJ. Price is from £99.99 for full support with your case.

County Court Judgement

We support with getting your CCJ removed and working with you to get you the best outcome. Price from £99.99 to draft court documents.

Penalty Charge Notice

Challenge a parking fine issued by a local authority using legal loopholes and legal exemptions easily.​ From only £4.99.

Charge Certificate

Learn why you should never pay a charge certificate and how to challenge it.​ Save up to £160 by challenging for only £9.99.

Order For Recovery

Get TEC forms and instructions to stop bailiff enforcement and avoid excessive bailiff fees. Get your TEC forms for £14.99 and stop action.

bailiff photo

Bailiff Enforcement & Clamping

Challenge a bailiff notice to stop enforcement and recover your vehicle from a clamp or pound.​ Prices from £14.99 per case.

Client Reviews

See what other motorists say …

“I am so happy that I found this website, I had a parking ticket given to me that I should never have got in the first instance, I contacted parkingmateuk and they did whatever they did and the ticket was cancelled. They were very professional, efficient and they know their stuff. I would highly recommend them.”
DC Royal
“Got my £50 parking ticket squashed. £5 well spent not to put money in these bent car park scammers pockets. Nice one parking mate..”
Scott Penman
“Best £4.99 I have ever spent! Worked perfectly for an Horizon parking fine. Ok so it took a bit of working out of how to send stuff in etc but the point is it worked. Thank you parking mate! These parking companies like Horizon need to be tackled as they really are uncaring and heartless!.”
Karen Miller


Prices of our support packages

Appeal Letters

Private & Council Letters
£ 4
  • Appeal Letter Template
  • Submission Instructions
  • Tribunal Support
  • Online Dashboard

Charge Certificates

Challenge Council Charge Certificate
£ 9
  • Charge Certificate Assessment
  • Legal Letter Template
  • Council Submission Steps
  • Online Dashboard

Order for Recovery

Order for Recovery and Bailiff Notices
£ 14
  • Order for Recovery Assessment
  • Completed TEC Forms
  • TEC Submission Steps
  • Online Dashboard

Court Claim & CCJ

Defend county court claims and CCJ's
£ 99
  • Court Claim Defence
  • Allocation to Court Form
  • Witness Statement
  • Online Dashboard

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Getting Started

Check your ticket to challenge a parking ticket or submit your claim to us.