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We are an independent company helping UK drivers challenge unfair parking fines. Appeal yourself or send us your ticket.

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Parking Mate UK helps UK drivers appeal private and council parking tickets. Our experts understand how the rules work and can find reasons to get your parking ticket cancelled.

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We provide online apps to help challenge your parking ticket. Simply select a service or send us your case to get started.

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Our goal is to help you get your parking ticket cancelled.

Private Parking Appeal

Use our app to challenge your parking charge notice

Debt recovery

Learn how to deal with a parking ticket at debt recovery stage.

Court Claim Defence

Write & submit your a credible county court defence online

Penalty Charge Appeal

Write and submit an appeal letter for your penalty charge

Charge Certificates

Get your Charge Certificate reduced or challenged instantly

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Bailiff Enforcement

Stop bailiff enforcement and write your TEC forms online.

Leo Musami

Founder & Lead Case Worker

Parking Fine Specialists

Dedicated team of parking ticket specialists

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Here are some reviews from drivers who had won their appeals.

Emma Giddings
Excellent and efficient service
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Excellent and efficient service received, I used the free template letter provided and today my parking ticket has been cancelled. Would recommend this company. Thanks
Richard Hobson
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Brilliant: as promised he got the ticket cancelled. Very easy to work with, excellent service provided!
Dean Simpson
Excellent service.
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Did wat they said they was gonna. Very fast no fuss. Wud definitely recommend Thanku guys 5 stars
Titus Ayodele
Excellent Service!
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PCN, I challenged and Leo support me to a positive response. Wonderful service
Paul Becque
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Followed the instructions offered by Parking Mate and a couple of weeks later, the unfair ticket was dropped.
Simon Brown
Brilliant!! Thank you!
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Thank you Leo for your efforts in resolving my parking ticket issue and saving me £85.00. An excellent hassle free service at an extremely fair price.

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