We challenge UK parking tickets

We challenge UK parking tickets, defend court claims and stop unfair bailiff enforcement.

Who we are & What we do

Parking Mate UK helps UK drivers challenge unfair parking tickets using the law to ensure a high success rate on appeals. 

What we can challenge
  • Parking Charge Notices
  • Penalty Charge Notices
  • Private Debt Recovery Letters
  • Charge Certificates
  • County Court Claims
  • County Court Judgements
  • Bailiff Enforcement and Warrants

How to send your case to us

Send your ticket and we will challenge it for you or stop unfair enforcement

1. Create an Account

Sign in with your email to create and access your secure account

2. Send Us Your Case

Submit a new ticket from your account and upload your document

3. Track Your Case

Keep track of your cases until your parking case until it is resolved.

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Our Online Services

Here is a list of our services depending on the current stage of your case.

Parking Charge Notice

We challenge your parking charge notice issued on Private land and get it cancelled for £19.99.

Penalty Charge Notice

We can challenge fines issued by local authories for any contravention for £19.99.

Charge Certificates

We can challenge a charge certificate and get it cancelled. Submit your case for £39.99

Reminders & Debt Recovery

If you have received a reminder letter or debt recovery, we can handle your case for £39.99

Clamping & Bailiff Enforcement

We can get your clamp or bailiff enforcement suspended. Send us your case for £65.

County Court Claims

Have you received a court claim? We can handle your claim for you from start to finish for £99.99.

Hear from recent customers

Questions and answers

Parking Mate UK is an independent service designed to help drivers challenge parking ticket. We are fighting to make the whole process of parking enforcement fair.

We can challenge any parking ticket issued in the UK. Most tickets are based on the same laws.

Appeals are case by case but most cases are resolved in 35-45 days.

Of course, if you want us to appeal for you, simply click Submit case to send us your case.

Of course, simply send us your case and we will help you defend your case.

Please contact the ticket issuer. We are unable to help without a copy of the ticket issued.