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Parking Mate UK helps drivers challenge parking tickets using AI to write legal letters and loopholes to get out of unfairly issued parking tickets from £4.99*

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I have received a Penalty Charge Notice and I want to appeal it

If your penalty charge was issued within the last 28 days, all you need to do is answer a few questions about your case and pay a fee of £4.99.

We will check if the penalty charge was issued correctly and provide submission and appeal instructions.

I have received a private Parking Charge Notice I want to appeal

Private parking charge notices must be issued according to a strict legal criteria or they will have to be cancelled. We can check if the operator has issued the charge correctly and provide an appeal letter for £4.99.

We have also compiled a list of 9 loopholes for private parking you can read to learn how to avoid unfair private parking charges.

I have received a Charge Certificate about a Penalty Charge Notice

In our Charge Certificate post, we explain why you never have to pay a charge certificate.

If it was not issued correctly, it must be cancelled, if not, it can be reduced so you don’t pay excess amounts.

Start by challenging it and we will guide you if your application is refused.

I have received an order for recovery, or bailiff enforcement notice

Enforcement may seem threatening at first, however, if you make an application to stop enforcement, the council and bailiff will have to suspend all actions.

Parking Mate UK can instantly provide the documents you need and provide instructions on how to send them.

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I have received a County Court Claim or CCJ for a Parking Charge Notice

Many county court claims are issued incorrectly, therefore, with a good defence, can be cancelled.

In addition CCJ’s can’t be issued out of the blue, we have experience in making applications to getting CCJ’s removed and dismissed.

Submit your case to us and pay £99.99 for our team to prepare your court documents.

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Parking Mate UK provides a service to help drivers fight against unfair parking tickets.

We help drivers by providing advice, representation and appealing against tickets that have been wrongly issued. Our service is designed to make the process of fighting a parking ticket easier and more efficient.

We are passionate about protecting drivers rights when it comes to parking and will work hard to ensure any unfair parking fines are cancelled.

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