How to Appeal Chesterfield PCN Parking Ticket

How To Challenge Chesterfield Parking Ticket

We help UK drivers appeal Chesterfield parking fines and win. Whether Chesterfield issued your parking ticket for parking or by camera, we can help you beat your unfair parking tickets in 2 minutes. You can see recent appeals here.

  • Answer a few questions about your parking ticket
  • Add your photos as supporting evidence to your appeal
  • We will generate your appeal letter with the correct wording and tribunal cases
  • If you are happy, pay £4.99 to receive your letter to send to Chesterfield
  • Send the appeal letter on Chesterfield's website or on the Traffic Penalty Tribunal website

Why You Should Challenge Chesterfield Fines

We have helped over 1,000 people beat parking fines and saved thousands, our knowledge and tricks are now in the app. The previously long and complicated process is now just a few clicks of a mouse and taps on a phone. Imagine having a lawyer helping you appeal your ticket

Learning how to appeal Chesterfield parking tickets will save you hundreds if not thousands. There is no excuse for paying parking fines early since you have nothing to lose by appealing. In 2019, a report by David Leibling from RAC Foundation showed that councils made a profit of £930 million from UK drivers in parking tickets alone.

Once you have your PDf appeal letter, it takes less than 2 minutes to send it to Chesterfield. If your PCN was issued more than 28 days ago, or , if your ticket can no longer be appealed, please Check Your Ticket to see your options.

Common Chesterfield PCN Defences

Whatever the reason is that Chesterfield issued you a parking ticket, we will provide easy defences to simply click on.

  • A windscreen PCN must be placed on your car clearly
  • The evidence must show the car breaking the rules
  • You should have at least 5 minutes observation period
  • Taxi/Uber drivers can stop on yellow lines to do pickups
  • A postal PCN must be issued within 28 days by first class post
  • You are allowed to load and unload heavy or pre-ordered goods
  • Taxi drivers can drop people off on single and double yellow lines
  • Blue badge holders stop on yellow lines and use pedestrian zones
  • Bus lane contraventions should not be minor errors or short distance
  • You should have at least 5-10 minutes when paying for parking in a pay and display zone

Recent Appeals

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Lambeth CouncilStudley Estate
Barking and Dagenham CouncilMcDonald’s car park
Barking and Dagenham CouncilCHURCH RD UB5
Havering CouncilWeald Way, Romford
Manchester City CouncilOxford road, Nelson street

Chesterfield Contact Details

Here are the different ways to contact Chesterfield regarding your parking fine. It’s not usually possible to discuss parking fines on the phone unless you have a disability,  so please make sure you write your appeal on their website.

If your query is not resolved by Chesterfield, you should consider using the complaint process to engage them.

How to Pay/Appeal Chesterfield Parking Fine

Whether you want to pay or appeal your Chesterfield penalty charge notice. Please follow the instructions on your PCN or see below.

  • Go to Chesterfield website
  • Select the option to for Parking Fines
  • Choose Payment Option