Order for Recovery (Penalty Charge)


options for Order for recovery

The order for recovery is the last step in the enforcement when the council have officially registered the penalty charge as a debt. You can have limited options at this stage under certain conditions.

Please see the FAQ for a list of options available.

london order for recovery
order for recovery


An order for recovery within the time stated on the notice. The amount is usually £173 or £203 in London. This is your last opportunity to pay before bailiff enforcement begins.

Appeal to the TEC

You can send a witness statement to the Northampton within 21 days and an out of time statement if you are writing after 21 days. The application can only be made if one of the conditions below are met.


If payment is not made, bailiffs will attend to recover money or goods which can include the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Appealing an order for recovery?

You can send an application to the Northampton County Court only in the following situation: (1) If you did not receive the penalty charge notice, (2) made payment or (3) are waiting for an appeal outcome from the council or tribunal, wait for the order for recovery.

Raising a complaint

If you believe that the enforcement process has not been fair, you can raise a complaint to the council and should you be unhappy with their response, you can then complain to the Local Goverment Ombudsman. The ombudsman can only investigate issues relating to wrongful enforcement and not the reasons related to the PCN itself.

Forms for Order for Recovery?

Support for order for recovery

You can use our apps to write the order for recovery forms, we can also help with getting the forms witnessed. Please visit the homepage for instructions on how to complete the form.

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