Order For Recovery – Don’t Pay, Challenge It 2022

Recieved An Order For Recovery? Challenge It 2022

Welcome to Parking Mate UK, we can challenge an order for recovery and get it cancelled.

Our goal is to help you, the motorist challenge order for recovery’s and get give you an opportunity to challenge the penalty charge notice or to pay the lower amount.

If you challenge the order for recovery, you will:

  • Avoid bailiff action, because bailiff enforcement will not be initiated
  • You will increase the chance of getting it cancelled
  • You may be able to challenge or pay the original PCN
  • You will save at lease £150 in excess costs

Our online tools will allow you to prepare the documents you need instantly and send them to the TEC where the order for recovery was issued.

This is the best way to stop the case from escalating to bailiff enforcement and putting the power in your hands.

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Order For Recovery Template

Should you pay An Order for recovery?

Here are the instructions if you want to send us your claim and start your defence.

No, there is no need to pay the order for recovery, instead, you should use our app to prepare the TEC documents based on the type of case you have.

This document is issued before your case is transferred to bailiffs, therefore, if you challenge it, you will give yourself the best chance to get it cancelled.

Once you prepare and submit the TEC documents, enforcement is suspended and the council will have to respond to your application, this is the best way to stop unfair enforcement.

How to challenge An order for recovery

Here are the instructions if you want to challenge your order for recovery.
  • Visit Order For Recovery Appeal Form
  • Enter your PCN details and your details
  • Choose between negotiating or challenging the order for recovery
  • Pay £14.99 for you documents and step by step instructions
  • We will prepare the letter you need and provide instructions

We will send you easy step by step instructions after your letter is prepared to understand what happens if you’re appeal is refused.

What you can expect from us

We will guide you to challenge your order for recovery from start to finish.

We do this by preparing the appeal documents for you and then helping you to submit these documents to TEC.

If for any reason the TEC reject your representation, we will send you clear instructions on what to do next.

Which documents do you need to complete?

There are 2 sets of documents you need to complete to challenge an order for recovery:

  • TE7/TE9 if your penalty charge was issued for parking on the road
  • PE2/PE3 if your penalty charge was issued for a moving traffic offence

Our online app will guide you to complete the right form and the name of the form is also stated on the order for recovery.

Once the documents are prepared, we will let you know if they need to be signed by a solicitor and how to submit them to the TEC.

Your Order for recovery options and what we can do for you:

  • Get your order for recovery reduced from £208 to £65 (based on London rates)
  • Challenge a order for recovery if you never received a PCN or you appealed or paid
  • We will guide you on what to do if your appeal is refused by the TEC.

An order for recovery is the last step before bailiff action, so you must act quickly to stop unfair bailiff enforcement at your door.

Was the order for recovery issued correctly?

An order for recovery can only issued by the Traffic Enforcement Centre and it is sent after the Charge Certificate.

So it’s an important document, However, many councils issue this document incorrectly and therefore, we can help you challenge it correctly.

Here are situations when a order for recovery must be cancelled:

  • You did not receive a penalty charge notice
  • You appealed to the council and are waiting for a response
  • You sent an appeal to the tribunal and are waiting for a response

Even if you received a penalty charge but forgot to appeal it, we can still help you challenge the order for recovery and negotiate a lower rate with the council.

In these scenarios, the council have to cancel the order for recovery right away. If they do not cancel it, they would be acting illegally but you don’t have to pay yet.

We can negotiate with the council to settle the penalty charge notice at the lower amount, in London, this would save you at least £130.

Can The Council send bailiffs?

The Council cannot and should not send bailiffs at order for recovery stage.

If the order for recovery is not paid, then the case will proceed to order for recovery stage.

At order for recovery stage, we guarantee to get it cancelled if you apply within 21 days after it is issued. If you apply within this time, then the bailiff enforcement will not start and you have no need to worry.

Even if bailiffs are engaged, you simply need to follow our Order for Recovery guide to learn how to stop bailiff enforcement.

What happens if The TEC reject the appeal?

If your appeal is refused, you simply need to wait for a document called “Order For Recovery” from the Traffic Enforcement Centre.

We have covered the order for recovery process in our Order For Recovery Guide.

Our guidance and tools are designed to save you money, so please follow the instructions we provide..

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