Penalty Charge Notice Appeal

We provide letter templates and support to get your penalty charge notice cancelled. If you case, has escalated, we can also help.

What we do

This guide has been written to help you challenge a penalty charge notice at all stages of the enforcement process easily and quickly. If you need advice tailored to the council, please click here to find your local council.

Challenge Penalty Charge Notice

Check if your penalty charge notice was issued correctly and get your appeal template. We guide you step by step on how to appeal your parking fine for £4.99

Challenge Charge Certificate

Did you know that you don’t have to pay a charge certificate? Councils often threaten that the amount has increased, however, we will show you how to negotiate a lower rate or get it cancelled!

london order for recovery

Challenge Order For Recovery

Have you received an order for recovery out of the blue? We can get it cancelled. This will stop further enforcement and give you an opportunity to get the penalty charge notice re-issued. We will guide you on how to challenge it.

Challenge Bailiff Enforcement

Don’t be deceived by bailiff enforcement letters. We guide you on how to make an application to the TEC to stop enforcement and give you a chance to challenge the penalty charge notice.

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Appeal Guides

Follow our guides to challenge your penalty charge

Bailiff Enforcement

How To Stop Bailiff Enforcement For Parking Fines Bailiffs cannot force you to pay a penalty charge notice. We provide...

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