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How To Challenge A PCN Charge Certificate

In this guide, we will share how to use Parking Mate UK to appeal a Charge Certificate to get it cancelled or how to negotiate a discount amount.

Even better, if the council don’t accept the appeal, we will advise you what to do next to make sure you don’t pay a penny.

Remember, you don’t have to pay a charge certificate!

Charge Certificate Appeal Guide

What is a Charge Certificate?

A Charge Certificate is a formal demand for payment issued if you do not pay or appeal a penalty charge notice within 28 days, it also increases the amount on the penalty charge notice by 50%.

It’s important that a Charge Certificate is issued correctly, if the council issue it at the wrong time, then it makes the whole PCN invalid and it must be cancelled. This means the penalty charge notice can no longer be pursued.

When A Charge Certificate Should Be Cancelled

These are the scenarios when a charge certificate must be cancelled. If your situation matches this, then you should use our app to appeal it.

Read our examples from London Tribunal where the adjudicators cancelled penalty charge notices because the council issued a charge certificate.

What Happens If I Dont Pay Charge Certificate?

If you don’t pay a Charge Certificate, the council will issue a document called Order For Recovery, this will only increase the amount by £8.

You will have an opportunity to challenge the order for recovery and if you respond within 21 days, then the Charge Certificate will be cancelled.

You see, the law says that bailiffs can only be sent if you do not respond to the Order for Recovery within 21 days.

Start Your Charge Certificate Appeal

You can use our online service to appeal a charge certificate. We provide you with a letter that you should send to the council or the tribunal.

If Your Charge Certificate Appeal Is Rejected

If the council reject your charge certificate appeal or if you are reluctant to appeal, you can simply wait for an order for Recovery.

Read our guide on order for recovery to see your options.

Charge Certificate At London Tribunal

The examples below show that adjudicators often get angry at the council for issuing a charge certificate and they respond by allowing the appeal on behalf of the motorist who appealed.

Lambeth Issued Charge Certificate: In the Case Reference 2220313349, Lambeth Council issued another charge certificate while an appeal was in progress.

The adjudicator Andrew Hamman said: Upon Mr Ishaq stating that the appellant had received a charge certificate asking him to pay £195.00. Ms Whaley accepted that the charge certificate had been issued last Friday 01 07 22 that amounting to a procedural impropriety and I agreed with what was said my allowing the appeal on that ground.

There are hundreds of examples where Charge Certificates issued at the wrong time result in a Penalty Charge Notice to be cancelled.

Challenge Your Charge Certificate