Challenge A PCN Charge Certificate

Complete guide on how to challenge your PCN Charge Certificate and get it cancelled!

Updated 15 April 2021

It’s not fair is it!

If the Council send a Charge Certificate increasing the amount to £113 or £195, you have to know how to keep them to task and get it cancelled! If its issued in the any of the scenarios below, it MUST be cancelled!

“Before they respond to your appeal”

“While your appeal is at the tribunal”

“If they haven’t issued a penalty charge notice”

Most people don’t know how to challenge the council, so this page has the information and the app to get it cancelled! Simply send the letter we prepare to the council, for some councils, we send the letter for you!

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What is a PCN Charge Certificate?

A Charge Certificate is a notice issued if you do not pay or appeal a penalty charge notice within the statutory time limit, it also increases the amount on the penalty charge notice by 50%

It’s important that a Charge Certificate is issued correctly, if the council issue is too early, then it invalidates the whole enforcement process for the penalty charge notice. 

If you receive a Charge Certificate unfairly, we can help you challenge it or get the amount reduced in certain scenarios.

You will receive a Charge Certificate if you don’t pay or appeal:

charge certificate sample
Charge Certificate

How to Challenge A Charge Certificate and get it Cancelled

If the Council make mistakes during enforcement of a penalty charge, it should be cancelled. Don’t worry, you simply need to complete our form below and it will generate your correctly worded Charge Certificate Appeal Letter. Remember, the law is very clear that the Council can’t demand an amount they are not entitled to and they have to follow the Penalty Charge Enforcement Process correctly.

When a Charge Certificate Should be Cancelled:

In all these scenarios, the Council have made a mistake and the Penalty Charge Notice must be cancelled! If you don’t respond quickly, then the process can work again you. So you have to send your Charge Certificate Appeal Letter as soon as the mistake happens.

Option 1 - Challenge the Charge Certificate

You can write to the council and ask them to reduce the amount or challenge the charge certificate.

Our app will guide you through step by step and generate your letter. If you forgot to appeal or pay the penalty charge notice, you should offer to pay the discount amount, in most cases, the Charge Certificate should be cancelled!

  1. You should challenge if you appealed and didn't get a response, if you paid or if you did not receive a Penalty Charge Notice.
  2. You should offer to pay the lower amount if you received the Penalty Charge Notice but forgot to pay or appeal.

Option 2 - Wait for Order for Recovery

If you have not received the penalty charge notice, or you have not received a response to your appeal, or the council reject your challenge to the Charge Certificate, you can wait for the council to issue an order for recovery, which can be contested. If you are successful, the charge certificate will be cancelled.

Option 3 - Appeal to the Tribunal

If the Council have previously rejected your appeal, you can appeal to the tribunal. This does 2 things, first the Charge Certificate is cancelled and secondly, the excess amount is removed, saving you up to £65 for simply sending a free appeal. Just remember to explain to the tribunal why you are appealing late.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you appeal a Charge Certificate ?

The council will often refuse appeals at this stage. You can however appeal to the tribunal if you received a notice of rejection but could not send your appeal on time.

You should however wait for an order for recovery, if any of the following apply:

  1. If you did not receive the penalty charge notice,
  2. made payment or
  3. are waiting for an appeal outcome from the council or tribunal, wait for the order for recovery.

If your appeal is still in progress

If your appeal is still in progress, receiving a charge certificate is deemed an abuse of process and is a procedural error. If you receive a charge certificate, notify the council or tribunal and inform them of the procedural error. The council will often withdraw the appeal or the adjudicator will allow the appeal. 

If you did not receive the PCN?

You should inform the council via the appeal page immediately. Wait for an order for recovery.

Can you get it cancelled ?

Yes, you can get a charge certificate cancelled by simply sending a witness statement to the TEC within 21 days or receiving the order for recovery.