Notice to Owner

Notice To Owner

How to respond to notice to owner

A notice to Owner is sent if you do not respond to the penalty charge notice or do not make payment within 28 days. Please use our app for defences available when responding to the notice to owner.

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notine to owner


Once the Notice to Owner is issued, most London councils will demand payment of the full rate within 28 days from the date printed. If you make an appeal, you will have another 28 days to pay if your appeal is rejected.


An appeal at this stage is a formal representation and must be sent to the council within 28 days from the date printed on the notice to owner. The council will respond with either a notice of acceptance or notice of rejection. This is the final chance to convince the council to cancel the penalty charge.


If you ignore a notice to owner, the council will send a charge certificate after 28 days and increase the amount due to either £165 for the lower rate PCNs or £195 for the higher rate PCN's. This is your final opportunity to appeal to the council.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the PCN have to be put on windscreen ?

A penalty charge notice issued to a vehicle must either be placed on the vehicle or be handed to the driver. The Civil Enforcement legislation states that the PCN must be placed on the windscreen or handed to the driver. If this did not happen, it is a good point to include in your appeal.

Time limit to issue pcn ?

For on street parking, the authority must issue the PCN to the vehicle or person in charge of the vehicle. If the civil enforcement officer (CEO) is prevented from serving the PCN, they can send it by post within 28 days.

How to appeal a windscreen pcn?

The best way to appeal a windscreen PCN is by using facts and law to build your case. If you have evidence that the contravention did not occur or that you did not see relevant signs, these points will be useful to include in your appeal letter. Please check the council page for contact details of each London Council.

Do you have to pay?

Penalty charge notices issued by the local council can only be closed if an appeal is successful or payment is made. Local council have powers to enforce penalty charge notices as if they were issued by a court order. If you do not respond or pay, the enforcement process will continue and the cost can be up to £1000 if a vehicle is recovered.

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