Notice to Owner

How to Appeal Your Notice to Owner for Free

We provide a free guide and link to write a parking fine appeal letter to appeal your parking fine issued by the local council.

You will learn how to get out of your ticket, the appeal process and how to write an appeal for free. 

Please go to the private parking process if you need help with a ticket issued on private land.

Should I Pay or Appeal a Notice to Owner?

You have nothing to lose by appealing a notice to owner. If your appeal fails, the full amount of the penalty charge notice will be due. You should write your appeal letter and let the council provide proof that you made a mistake.

Notice To Owner Appeal Process

The Notice to Owner is issued at Step 3 of the Windscreen Penalty Charge Enforcement process. 

If the Informal Appeal is rejected, the council will send a notice to owner to the registered keeper of the vehicle. Please note, a notice to owner can take up to 6 months to be sent. From here, the full amount is due and therefore, you should appeal to the tribunal as well.

A formal representation from the vehicle owner explains why the penalty charge notice must be cancelled. The local council have to respond within 56 days. If the appeal is rejected, the council must issue a notice of rejection

If the appeal is accepted, the council will confirm by email or send a letter called “Notice of Acceptance”. This confirms that the appeal has been accepted and the penalty charge notice is cancelled.

If the local council refuse to cancel a penalty charge notice, they will send a Notice of Rejection. 

At this stage, you have nothing to lose and you should take the case to the tribunal for a decision. Occasionally, the council may offer a discount with the notice of rejection to encourage you to pay.

You should send an appeal to the tribunal which explains the reason why your appeal should be allowed. The tribunal is independent and impartial, meaning they will make a decision fairly. 

If your ticket has gone beyond the tribunal, please see the penalty charge notice process for options.

How to Get Out Of Your Notice to Owner

The following defences will help you check if your penalty charge notice was issued correctly. Often CEO’s make mistakes when issuing the parking ticket and therefore if you have supporting evidence, you can get out of your parking fine.

Remember that the council have to prove that the contravention occurred. If there is no evidence of contravention, then you should challenge this and ask them to provide evidence to show that the contravention occurred. All the points below are included in our appeal letter app, simply choose the options which apply to your specific case.

Best Excuses for a Notice to Owner

    • Is the contravention code correct?
    • Are you a Blue Badge holder?
    • Was the penalty charge notice placed on the vehicle?
    • Did you receive multiple penalty charge notices for the same offence?
    • Does the signage support the penalty charge notice?
    • Were you loading and unloading heavy or pre-ordered goods?
    • Was the notice to owner issued to you after 6 months?

How Joe Lycett Got Away With a Parking Fine

Joe Lycett won his appeal because "The council simply didn't have a proper photo of the vehicle in a taxi rank, therefore, the contravention did not occur."

Notice to Owner Appeal Options


You can pay the full rate within 28 days. Once payment is made, the council will close the case and it can not be appealed further.


An appeal must be sent to the council within 28 days from the date of the PCN. This will be the formal representation. The council must respond within 56 days to the appeal.


You should never ignore the penalty charge notice because enforcement will continue if there is no representation. If ignored, the council will send a charge certificate after 28 days increasing the amount by 50%.

notice to owner sample
notine to owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Was the PCN put on the windscreen ?

A penalty charge notice issued to a vehicle must either be placed on the vehicle or be handed to the driver. The Civil Enforcement legislation states that the PCN must be placed on the windscreen or handed to the driver. If this did not happen, it is a good point to include in your appeal.

What is the time limit to issue PCN ?

For on street parking, the authority must issue the PCN to the vehicle or person in charge of the vehicle. If the civil enforcement officer (CEO) is prevented from serving the PCN, they can send it by post within 28 days.

How to appeal a windscreen pcn?

The best way to appeal a windscreen PCN is by using facts and law to build your case. If you have evidence that the contravention did not occur or that you did not see relevant signs, these points will be useful to include in your appeal letter.

Do you have to pay?

Penalty charge notices issued by the local council can only be closed if an appeal is successful or payment is made. Local council have powers to enforce penalty charge notices as if they were issued by a court order. If you do not respond or pay, the enforcement process will continue and the cost can be up to £1000 if a vehicle is recovered.