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Notice of Acceptance

Your Appeal was successful!

A Notice of Acceptance means the council has accepted your appeal and the penalty charge does not have to be paid. This is good news and you have nothing else to do.

notice of acceptance sample penalty charge
notice of acceptance

No Payment Required

No payment is due at this stage, the council should refund any money paid towards the penalty charge notice.

Your Appeal is successful

Congratulations, upon receiving the notice of acceptance, it means the council considered your representations and your appeal was accepted. The penalty charge case will now be closed and can not be re-opened. If the liability is being transferred, then a new penalty charge notice will be issued to someone else, for example, the hirer of a vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a pcn be re-issued?

A notice of acceptance means the council have accepted representations from the person who sent the appeal. The authority can issue a new PCN for example if the liability was being transferred. This commonly happens when a vehicle is hired and the owner is a customer to the hire company.

Time limit to issue a notice of acceptance?

The law says that they must respond to an appeal within 56 days, so anything over 56 days is deemed to be that they have accepted. Please see the notice to owner section above on how long the council have to respond.