Bailiff Enforcement


Dealing with Bailiff Enforcement

Dealing with parking bailiffs can be a stressful ordeal. Bailiff Enforcement happens if the council have received an order of recovery and a warrant is issued for the debt to be collected.

You should capture video evidence and keep a record of all documents shared. If the bailiff lies or tries to mislead you, log a complaint to the council. Evidence is important.

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You can pay the bailiff the outstanding amount as they are now acting based on the order for recovery from the TEC.

Appeal options

The only way to stop enforcement is by sending a witness statement to the Northampton within 21 days and an out of time statement if you are writing after 21 days. You can also complain about unfair bailiff enforcement, please see our detailed guide on bailiff enforcement.


If payment is not made, bailiffs will send more letters, increase the amount and may tow your vehicle and sell it if payment is not made.

Frequently Asked Questions

how to stop enforcement

As soon as you send an application to the Northampton County Court, bailiff enforcement will be stopped by 4pm the next working day and bailiffs can not contact you again until you receive a response to your application from the TEC. Please process above for forms to complete.

Raising a complaint

If you believe that the enforcement process has not been fair, you can raise a complaint to the council and should you be unhappy with their response, you can then complain to the Local Goverment Ombudsman. The ombudsman can only investigate issues relating to wrongful enforcement and not the reasons related to the PCN itself.

if the bailiff has not behaved correctly?

Bailiffs may only enter your home if you invite them in or the opportunity to enter was not by force. They must however treat you fairly and if you are vulnerable, such as in financial difficulty, disabled, pregnant, have trouble speaking english, they must take extra care. Failure to do so is the basis of a complaint to the council and LGO.

Support for bailiff enforcement

You can use our apps to write witness statements and statutory declarations. If we need to write a letter of complaint to the council, we can prepare your correspondence and handle the complaint for you. Please get in touch with us via the home page.

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