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Premier Park Ticket or Court Claims Cancelled. Don’t Pay, Appeal Now

If you have received a Premier Park ticket, notice or court letter, it can be worrying to try and deal with it yourself.

Parking Make UK is here to help. We provide our legal letters with a no-win, no-fee guarantee and support to challenge Premier Park tickets or court claims.

Our credible legal letters and clear step-by-step instructions help you present your case to Premier Park in a professional manner, to improve your chance of winning your case by 60% and avoiding paying parking fines.

Check your ticket below to see how we can help.

Lynnea was successful in defending her court claim with Parking Mate UK

Who Are Premier Park Limited ?

Premier Park is a private parking enforcement company who are hired by landowners to monitor parking spaces using the BPA Code of Practice and issue parking charges if drivers don’t park according to the advertised terms and conditions.

The good news, is that because Premier Park have to comply with a long list of legal requirements including Protections of Freedoms Act 2012, this can be used to check if their parking charge notices have been issued correctly.

Parking Mate UK is uniquely designed to help drivers check this complex list of requirements to find loopholes which may help you get out of your parking charge notice.

Premier Park ticket - Key Things to Know

Here are key things you need to know about Premier Park tickets.

Facts About Premier Park Fines

  1. A Parking Charge Notice issued by Premier Park is just an invoice for breach of contract and can be challenged.
  2. You have to send your appeal within 28 days of receiving the parking charge notice, the longer you leave it, the more complex It becomes to challenge it especially if it goes to court.
  3. If Premier Park don’t issue a parking charge correctly, you can challenge it, the result of an appeal at POPLA is binding on Premier Park but not on you.
  4. Premier Park must take the case to court and win in order to make the charge enforceable, but if they lose, they can be made to pay you compensation.
  5. If court proceedings are issued, you have every opportunity to defend yourself, and if you win, YOU can claim minimum £95 in compensation by claiming litigant in person costs.
  6. If Premier Park don’t treat you fairly, you can complain, this is not the same as making an appeal but simply complaining that they didn’t treat you fairly.

challenge a Premier Park ticket or PCN ?

Challenging your parking charge using the law is the easiest way to get your parking charge notice cancelled.

Simply use our Premier Park fine appeal letter service to generate a legal letter and we will guide you on the process of sending the appeal to Premier Park and tribunal.

To challenge a Premier Park ticket:

  1. Read our Premier Park ticket appeal guide
  2. Prepare your personalised appeal letter for £4.99
  3. Send the appeal letter to Premier Park
  4. If your appeal is rejected, we will tell you how to send it to POPLA.

Over 70% of parking tickets appealed through Parking Mate UK are cancelled.

We check if Premier Park have complied with the various laws needed for parking ticket enforcement, and if not, we prepare your letter with the correct wording.

Can I ignore Premier Park Ticket?

Since 2012, the law Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 was introduced to help both drivers and parking companies when it comes to dealing with parking tickets.

For drivers, this law made clamping illegal, and introduced requirements that Premier Park must follow in order to make the vehicle keeper liable for a parking charge if the driver is not known.

This is still the most powerful tool today to challenge parking tickets because the law clearly explains the requirements that Premier Park must meet to transfer liability.

However, the same law allows Premier Park to transfer liability to the registered keeper, so if you ignore the parking charge, Premier Park can use it to make the keeper liable.

Received A Premier Park Reminder Letter ?

If Premier Park issue a reminder letter while the appeal is in progress, then you can simply wait for the appeal process to finish before you take any action. 

If the reminder letter comes out of the blue without a parking charge being issued, then you could be entitled to make a complaint about not receiving parking charge notice.

Ticket has progressed to a receive a reminder notice, you may have an opportunity to challenge the parking charge notice or you may have an opportunity to negotiate a lower rate for your parking charge.

British Parking Association rules say that a final reminder can only be issued after a parking charge notice is sent. If not, you may be able to complain about the unfair enforcement.

If a reminder is sent during the appeal process, for example within 28 days after the parking charge was issued, you can still appeal it as if it was the parking charge notice and put your case forward to why you object the parking charge notice.

Premier Park Debt Recovery Letter ?

If Premier Park send you a debt recovery letter, you can read our guide to understand your options at this stage. Our general advice is to ignore debt recovery letters, because the purpose of the debt recovery process is to either make you give up additional information or to make you pay. Regardless of what they say, it is rare that they cancel a parking charge notice at this stage, because debt recovery companies work on a no win no fee agreement with the parking company to recover the debt or there is no fee. You may receive a debt recovery letter from Premier Park or one of the companies listed below:
  • BW Legal
  • CST Law
  • DCB Legal
  • Debt Recovery Plus
  • Gladstone’s Solicitors
  • QDR Solicitors

Please read our guide, it explains clearly the following:
  • What to do if you receive a debt recovery letter
  • Your options at this stage of the process
  • And if you should ignore the debt recovery letters

Defending Premier Park Court Claim

If Premier Park issue a county court claim, don’t panic, going to court will make it easy for you to defend yourself. And if you win your case, Premier Park can pay you compensation starting from £95.

We defend county court claims issued through third parties such as:

  1. BW Legal
  2. CST Law
  3. DCB Legal
  4. Gladstone’s Solicitors
  5. QDR Solicitors

Going to court is not as scary as it used to be, it is actually the easiest and fairest way to resolve a Premier Park ticket.

Parking Mate UK can prepare the documents you need to defend a court case using the same laws that we use to generate appeal letters.

Learn more about Premier Park Court Claims

Received a Premier Park CCJ?

If Premier Park issue a county court claim, don’t panic, going to court will make it easy for you to defend yourself. And if you win your case Premier Park can pay you compensation starting from £95.

Many county court claims are issued through third parties such as:

  1. BW Legal
  2. CST Law
  3. DCB Legal
  4. Gladstone’s Solicitors
  5. QDR Solicitors

Going to court is not as scary as it used to be, it is actually the easiest and fairest way to resolve a Premier Park ticket.

Parking Mate UK can prepare the documents you need to defend a court case using the same laws that we use to generate appeal letters.

Getting Premier Park CCJ removed ?

Yes, if the CCJ is not issued correctly, for example, the claim is sent to your old address, then you can apply to have the CCJ to be set aside and if successful, you will have an opportunity to defend the court claim.

Parking companies often omit this information that you can get a CCJ removed or have it set aside in certain situations. In fact, as part of the process to challenge a CCJ, if you and the parking company agree that a claim was issued to an old address or you agree to pay the amount, then a CCJ can be removed if both parties “consent” or agree to have it removed.

Most people think that they will receive a CCJ if they don’t respond to parking tickets, however this only happens if you ignore a County Court claim and do not defend yourself.

How do I pay Premier Park ticket?

The choice is yours whether you want to pay the parking charge or to challenge it to get it cancelled.

However, the smart thing to do would be to appeal the parking charge and then if the appeal is rejected you can decide to pay it.

The reason for this is that once you appeal the Premier Park ticket, the amount will be frozen at the amount when you appeal and therefore you have nothing to lose.

However, to pay a Premier Park ticket

  1. Go to or check your parking charge
  2. Pay the parking charge online using a card or debit card
  3. You will receive confirmation and the parking charge will be closed.

Once you pay your parking charge, it will be marked as closed and you cannot appeal it afterwards.

Are Premier Park tickets enforceable?

The answer is no. Premier Park tickets are invoices issued for breach of contract, what this means is that when you receive the parking charge notice, you have an opportunity to engage with Premier Park and challenge whether that parking charge notice was issued correctly or not.

If Premier Park issued the parking charge correctly, they still have to take the case to court before they can enforce it.

If Premier Park don’t comply with the law, they could put themselves in a difficult situation where they commit fraud under Fraud Act 2006 or if they lose a court case, they will have to pay compensation if they have been unreasonable.

So, parking charge notices can only be a nuisance if you ignore court proceedings and you do not respond. Otherwise, many claims can successfully be defended in court.

Premier Park Ticket in Scotland and Northern Ireland

The rules regarding Premier Park tickets in Scotland and Northern Ireland are slightly different from those in the rest of the UK, as the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 does not apply in these two countries. 

This means that Premier Park will attempt to identify the driver of the vehicle in order to hold them liable for the parking charge.

However, if it is not possible to do so, then Premier Park may be committing fraud if they attempt to transfer liability to the registered keeper without any legitimate cause to do so.

But due to the lack of knowledge around the relevant laws and regulations, many people are unable to hold Premier Park to account.

That is why the Data Protection Act 2018 was introduced to protect the private information of those involved, as well as to protect individuals from unfair enforcement. It also provides them with a greater ability to claim compensation from Premier Park when appropriate.

You may have read recently that Nigel Farage was able to hold Coutts Bank accountable after requesting a copy of his information from the bank, and discovering that they had collected information about his political views which had nothing to do with account.

Similarly, residents of Scotland and Northern Ireland who never provided driver details, can make a subject access request to find out if the parking company have processed their keeper information without legitimate reason to do so.

In this situation, they can then make a claim for Breach of Data Protection Act 2018 and the compensation could be up to £750 for single cases.

Premier Park Reviews

If you look at reviews on Trust Pilot, you will find that many of the reviews are negative and at least 1 star. The reason for this is because many people are frustrated that parking charges are often issued unfairly, leading them to pay parking charge notices out of fear of the amount increasing.

However, if you believe that your parking charge notice has been issued correctly, you should still challenge it. This is the only way to ensure that you are not treated unfairly, which is why we have created our website to help those who have received a parking ticket, court claim, or CCJ to easily and confidently challenge the charges.

Our No Win No Fee Guarantee

  1. We understand that dealing with parking tickets can be stressful, and so we provide an assurance that if your appeal is rejected at the tribunal or your court case is not successful at the hearing, we will refund the fee you paid to challenge the ticket or defend your case.
  2. We do this in order to invest in our business and make it better for drivers, as well as to ensure that we are a reliable partner when it comes to supporting those who take the risk to challenge their parking ticket.
  3. If this is the case for you, simply log into our website and send us a request for a refund. We want to be successful when our clients are successful.

Last Updated: 28 July 2023

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