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Parking Mate UK

Deal With Parking Ticketing Ticket (PCN)

We support UK drivers to deal with Parking Ticketing ticket and get them cancelled. Whether you want to appeal a parking charge or defend a court claim, we can help.

Why Challenge Parking Ticketing Ticket?

Parking Ticketing ticket can be cancelled if the parking charge notice was not issued correctly according to BPA rules or the law or you have clear evidence the vehicle was parked correctly. 

Many Parking Ticketing tickets are also cancelled due to defective signage, no landowner authority, mistakes with ANPR cameras and many more as covered in our parking charge appeal loopholes.

Most people fail to win appeals because they don’t understand the correct procedure and how to write appeals and avoid common tactics used by parking companies.

Parking Mate UK is a smart way to challenge Parking Ticketing tickets using BPA Code of Practice and the law in Protections of Freedoms Act 2012 loopholes.

How To Respond To Parking Ticketing ?

Parking Ticketing notices can be challenged differently depending on what stage they are sent. Make sure you respond correctly so that you have a good chance of winning your case. If Parking Ticketing don’t follow the {{mpg_short}} code of practice, the notice should be cancelled.

Parking Charge Notice

Follow our guide to appeal a Parking Ticketing parking charge notice by checking if it was issued correctly and prepare a professional parking charge appeal letter. We will give you instructions on how to submit your appeal to Parking Ticketing. Do not rely on mitigation because your appeal will not be successful on this basis alone.

Parking Ticketing Appeal Rejected

Read our guidance on how to respond if Parking Ticketing reject your appeal to prepare and submit an appeal it to POPLA. We will check if BPA requirements have been met.

Parking Ticketing Reminder Letter

Treat a reminder letter like a regular parking charge notice and appeal it by checking if it was issued correctly. You can use our parking charge notice guidance to prepare and submit an appeal including any evidence you may have.

Parking Ticketing Debt Recovery

Private parking debt recovery companies cannot demand payment without going to court. Many companies hope that you will pay at this stage. Read our debt recovery guide here.

Parking Ticketing Court Claim

Send us your court claim and we will help you prepare all the documents you need to defend it. Read our Parking Ticketing court claim guide to see how we defend your court claim and how to build a strong case.

Parking Ticketing CCJ

A CCJ is not always bad news. In many cases, Parking Ticketing will cover your costs of removing a CCJ if they didnt issue it correctly. Send us your case today and we will support you with removing a CCJ.

Parking Charge Notice

Just received a Parking Ticketing PCN or appeal has been rejected, appeal your and get it cancelled.

POPLA Appeal

Have Parking Ticketing rejected your appeal? Prepare and submit your appeal to POPLA.

Debt Recovery Notice

Did you know that {{mpg_parking_name}} debt recovery letters can be ignored? Learn more.

PCN Reminder Letter

Received a Parking Ticketing reminder letter? Learn how to appeal or complain here.

County Court Claim

Send us your case to defend a Parking Ticketing claim and avoid getting a CCJ.

County Court Judgement (CCJ)

We remove Parking Ticketing CCJ's. Submit your case to us and get help.

Can I ignore Parking Ticketing Ticket?

Since 2012, the law Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 was introduced to help both drivers and parking companies when it comes to dealing with parking tickets.

For drivers, this law made clamping illegal, and introduced requirements that Parking Ticketing must follow in order to make the vehicle keeper liable for a parking charge if the driver is not known.

This is still the most powerful tool today to challenge parking tickets because the law clearly explains the requirements that Parking Ticketing must meet to transfer liability.

However, the same law allows Parking Ticketing to transfer liability to the registered keeper, so if you ignore the parking charge, Parking Ticketing can use it to make the keeper liable.

Are Parking Ticketing tickets enforceable?

The answer is no. Parking Ticketing tickets are invoices issued for breach of contract, what this means is that when you receive the parking charge notice, you have an opportunity to engage with Parking Ticketing and challenge whether that parking charge notice was issued correctly or not.

If Parking Ticketing issued the parking charge correctly, they still have to take the case to court before they can enforce it.

If Parking Ticketing don’t comply with the law, they could put themselves in a difficult situation where they commit fraud under Fraud Act 2006 or if they lose a court case, they will have to pay compensation if they have been unreasonable.

So, parking charge notices can only be a nuisance if you ignore court proceedings and you do not respond. Otherwise, many claims can successfully be defended in court.

Parking Ticketing Ticket in Scotland and Northern Ireland

The rules for Parking Ticketing tickets in Scotland and Northern Ireland differ from the rest of the UK as the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 does not apply there.

This means Parking Ticketing will attempt to identify the driver to hold them liable, but if they cannot do so legitimately, they could be committing fraud by transferring liability to the registered keeper.

Many people are unaware of their rights in this situation, leading to unfair enforcement. The Data Protection Act 2018 was introduced to protect individuals from this and allow them to claim compensation from Parking Ticketing.

Recently, Nigel Farage held Coutts Bank accountable for collecting his political views without his consent and residents of Scotland and Northern Ireland can also make a subject access request to find out if their information was processed without legitimate reason.

In this case, they can claim up to £750 for Breach of Data Protection Act 2018.

Our Guarantee

  1. We understand that dealing with parking tickets can be stressful, and so we provide an assurance that if your appeal is rejected at the tribunal or your court case is not successful at the hearing, we will refund the fee you paid to challenge the ticket or defend your case.
  2. We do this in order to invest in our business and make it better for drivers, as well as to ensure that we are a reliable partner when it comes to supporting those who take the risk to challenge their parking ticket.
  3. If this is the case for you, simply log into our website and send us a request for a refund. We want to be successful when our clients are successful.

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Updated: 24 April 2024

Our Reviews

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“Paid £4.99 for appeal letter. PCN issued by Horizon parking cancelled. Website easy to use. Detailed instructions. No complaints.”
Chas Johnstone
“Honest and correct response and letter stating exactly what was needed Took out all the castle all for £5 great.”
Mick Fitzgerald
“Parking Mate successfully got my parking ticket from a private car park appealed. Only £5 and the appeal was written for me - couldn’t have been any easier.”
Erin Booth
“I am so happy that I found this website, I had a parking ticket given to me that I should never have got in the first instance, I contacted parkingmateuk and they did whatever they did and the ticket was cancelled. They were very professional, efficient and they know their stuff. I would highly recommend them.”
DC Royal
“Got my £50 parking ticket squashed. £5 well spent not to put money in these bent car park scammers pockets. Nice one parking mate..”
Scott Penman
“Best £4.99 I have ever spent! Worked perfectly for an Horizon parking fine. Ok so it took a bit of working out of how to send stuff in etc but the point is it worked. Thank you parking mate! These parking companies like Horizon need to be tackled as they really are uncaring and heartless!.”
Karen Miller
“A great company! It’s amazing how quickly the parking sharks will drop a case when the appeal is done properly. It makes you wonder how legal the whole private parking industry is. Personally , Leo has helped me with several cases with great success! We need more companies like that to help us challenge this kind of problems!.”
Greg Olszewski
“Thank you. The appeal process worked. Communication was clear. Was given a ticket at Westgate car park. Used ParkingMate to appeal. Best £5 ever spent. Will definitely use again..”
Ertha E
“Thank you so much Parking Mate for helping me beat the thieving b******s. Your service and advice was spot on, the "Parking Ticket" was cancelled within 2 days. Best £4.99 I have ever spent..”
Vincent Fairbairn

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