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If A Parking Company Rejects Your Appeal

If the private parking company rejects your appeal, they must tell you that you can refer the case to the tribunal.

Remember, they must also reply to the appeal within 35 days, if not, then you appeal can be allowed at the tribunal on this basis.

Parking Mate UK will provide you with instructions on how to submit your appeal to Independent Appeals Service (IAS) or the Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) service.

Remember, most of the time, the parking company will simply reject an appeal to see if you will pay the discount amount, however, if you submit the appeal to the tribunal, they are likely to concede quickly to save themselves time and money.

If your letter contains valid legal arguements and loopholes, we recommend sending your case to the tribunal for a final decision.

Submit Appeal Letter to Tribunal

We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to submit your appeal to POPLA or The IAS.

The parking company will provide you instructions on how to submit your appeal to the tribunal, but it is important that you use our instructions in order to avoid common mistakes people make.

Remember, the parking company will make it their goal to weaken your appeal at every stage, even something as simple as adding comments to your tribunal appeal if done incorrectly can void your legal rights.

So, it is important to follow the correct process to submit appeal to the tribunal because any mistakes you make could void your legal rights.

While the tribunal’s will encourage you to be honest and to explain the situation in your own words, this often does not help your case and may void your rights if you are relying on keeper liability.

Remember that any issues you have identified based on the law will often result in a parking charge being cancelled unless you void your legal rights by revealing yourself as the driver.

Who Are POPLA or The IAS?

For BPA members, POPLA Parking on Private Land Appeals manages the appeal and requires a POPLA code.

For IPC members, Independent Appeals Service (IAS) will manage your appeal and does not require a special code.

The Tribunal will review all the evidence provided by both parties and make a fair and impartial decision, if you do not provide a good appeal, the tribunal will not consider anything you have not stated.

If the tribunal makes an unfair decision based on your appeal reasons, you do not have to pay and you can take the matter to court.

POPLA/IAS Appeal Process

Parking Mate UK will provide easy step by step instructions on how to submit your appeal.

Once your appeal is submitted, you simply need to wait for the assessor to review your case and make a decision.

This can usually take up to 6 weeks, although sometimes this can be quicker.

There is no need to add further comments if you appeal using Parking Mate UK because we will provide a detailed checklist that the Adjudicator will go through.

Can I Add More Comments To My Appeal?

During the appeal tribunal, you will have the opportunity to review the evidence provided by the parking company, you should only comment on the parking company’s mistakes, bad signage because commenting any other way may invalidate your appeal reasons if based on legal arguments.

Simply use our prepared tactic of “fire and forget”. Fire means send the appeal, forget means wait for the tribunal to review your appeal and come back with a decision.

What Happens If Your Appeal Rejected At POPLA/IAS?

Here is our general guidance on what to do if you appeal is rejected at the tribunal. We have separated the advice because we find that POPLA is more transparent with their decision-making process while the IAS does not consider appeals made based on legal requirements.

Appeals Rejected By POPLA

We highly recommend reading the adjudicator decision to understand if the decision made took into consideration all the points you raised in your appeal.

The reason for this is that the adjudicator should be able to explain if the parking company has provided sufficient evidence to that the parking charge notice was issued correctly.

Appeals Rejected By The IAS

We have seen first-hand and experienced a lot of cases where appeal is that should have been cancelled have been allowed at the IAS.

Therefore, if the tribunal does not consider all the points you raised in your appeal and provide a generic response then our recommendation is to ignore the decision and defend the case in court.

Debt Recovery Fees

Please note that parking companies often threaten that the amount will increase and that debt recovery charges will be added, however this is not the case and the parking charge notice cannot exceed £100.

Please read our guidance on debt recovery to understand how this procedure works and your options at this stage should you decide to fight on. Ultimately, the decision is yours to decide whether you want to keep fighting or to pay the parking charge notice.

Court Claims and CCJ’s

Remember that, in court cases, the decision made by the judge is called a County Court judgement.

A CCJ can only affect you if you refuse to pay the amount owed after the judgement makes a decision that the case has not been successful in your favour.

However, if you win a court claim, you will not have to pay anything and the parking company’s claim will be dismissed.

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