How To Appeal Carflow PCN Parking Ticket Successfully

We Appeal Carflow Unfair Parking Tickets & get them cancelled.

  • Please note that we do not issue parking tickets but we are here to help you appeal and get your parking ticket cancelled

Have you received a Carflow PCN?

If you have received a Carflow ticket, we can help you appeal your parking charge and get it cancelled. Parking tickets are often issued if you break any of the rules of parking and a parking charge notice (PCN) will be put either on your windscreen or sent by post.

Use our service to appeal yourself or let one of our appeal specials handle your Carflow appeal.

How To Appeal Your Carflow PCN

Are you ready to write your appeal for your Carflow ticket? Simply click appeal now to enter your PCN details, answer a few questions and a personalised appeal letter template will be written specifically for you. 

We will check the legal stuff and if the PCN was issued according to British Parking Association rules. The options are super simple and tailored for each type of car park. You can also see recent appeals here.

1. Enter PCN Details

2. Answer simple questions and find common mistakes

3. Add your contact details

4. Pay £4.99 and get your appeal letter

Free Parking Ticket Review

Send us your ticket for review on WhatsApp and we will check if we can help.

How to Submit Your Carflow Appeal

Once we have written your appeal letter, we submit some appeals automatically to the operator. If not, we will provide you with a guide which explains how to manage the appeal process and answers all the questions.

  • You simply send the PDF attachment to Carflow or POPLA
  • Bonus, we provide you a personalised guide for Carflow

Why We Are The Best Choice

We are the first UK company to provide an instant online appeal service to motorists. We know how complicated appeals can be, therefore we are here to support you with your parking tickets. It can take less than 5 minutes to write a 5 page appeal.

80% Success Rate

We have appealed more than 1,000 parking tickets and have a higher than 80% success rate. All our knowledge and tricks are in the app.

No hidden fees & charges

Our one off cost gives you a perfectly worded letter with all the key things to address. We don't charge anything else.

GDPR Data Retention

We delete your personal data from our system 30 days after your appeal is submitted. Once a letter has been written, we have no need to keep your details and remove it automatically.

Dedicated Support

Our team is here to help answer any questions you may have with your appeal. Getting your ticket appealed has never been easier.

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Knowledge Base FAQs

Answers to some common questions asked by other drivers.

Private parking companies rely on people making mistakes in appeals to then demand payment. If you spend time writing an appeal without guidance, you may accidentally reveal that you are the driver or forget some easy loopholes that get your ticket cancelled. We provide you with carefully written appeal letters and an appeal guide to help you win your case.

If Carflow cancels your ticket right away, an appeal can be successful in as little as 24 hours, however, if the Carflow rejects your appeal, you may need to take your appeal to  POPLA which could then take 2-3 months

No, it is no longer advisable to ignore parking tickets issued on private land. Since 2012, parking companies like Carflow were given powers to chase the vehicle keeper if they don’t know who the driver was. However, the same law also has conditions that Carflow must meet in order to chase the keeper. Our app is designed to make sure that Carflow comply with all legal requirements before you are forced to pay.

If you did not receive the PCN and you have a genuine case, Carflow are required to have a complaint process which you can use. Your complaint can not be an appeal, it must be a genuine complaint such as you made payment, you moved address or you never received a PCN.

If you need to contact us, please drop us a WhatsApp message on 079099 465 38 or send an email to

Ready to appeal your Carflow PCN?

Get started by writing an appeal letter and sending it to Carflow right away!

How to Pay Your Carflow PCN

Before you pay your PCN, you should use our app to negotiate a lower rate for your parking ticket. We often reduced parking tickets to £30.

  • Go to Carflow‘s website then payment page
  • Click Payment then Pay
  • Enter your personal and card details
  • Click pay to finish