Parking Debt Recovery

We provide advice on how to respond to threatening debt recovery letters from debt recovery companies for an unpaid parking charge notice. Please read our guide to know exactly how to respond to your letter.

Debt Recovery Letter

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The Debt Recovery Process

Receiving a letter from the debt recovery company can be very stressful. Most letters demand increased payments of up to £170 for the parking charge notice and threaten to take legal action. However, we will show you how to complain and set things right if you have not been treated fairly.

Option 1 – How To Complain to the BPA & IPC

If you have not been treated fairly, the first step is to complain to the BPA or IPC.  The BPA and IPC set the rules on how private parking companies should operate. If you have evidence that you have not been treated fairly, you should open a case to log your complaint. The instructions on how to log a complaint are provided below.

British Parking Association

The British Parking Association manage and set the rules for their members. If a BPA member has not treated you fairly, you can submit a complaint to the BPA.

International Parking Community (IPC)

The IPC manage private parking operators and set the rules for them. If an IPC member has not treated you fairly, here is how you can submit a complint to the IPC.

Option 2 – Complain to the store/landowner

Depending on where the parking ticket was issued, you may be able to complain to the landowner and get your parking ticket cancelled

Remember that landowners have the power to cancel any parking ticket issued to their employees or customers. This is the easiest way to get a parking ticket cancelled.

How to get a parking ticket cancelled as a customer

If you were a customer at your favourite restaurant, hotel, or supermarket, you should contact them and ask if they will cancel the parking ticket. As the landowner, they have the power to cancel any parking ticket.

You can contact the landowner via Twitter, Facebook, their website or leave a review on Trustpilot

Make sure you provide them with all the proof and evidence that you were a customer and a copy of the parking ticket.

Please note that some retailers will refuse to cancel parking tickets even if you were a customer. In this case, we strongly recommend that you file a complaint with the relevant association in option 1.

Option 3 – Ignore and wait for a court claim

You should only consider this option if you are certain that you will win a court case or if the parking company have not treated you fairly. If you have never been to court, we strongly recommend getting legal advice at this stage.

If you wait for a court claim, you must make sure to do the following:

  1. Keep the parking company updated when you move address
  2. Check your credit report often to make sure there are no sudden CCJ’s
  3. Be prepared to file a defence, witness statement and to attend court