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Parking Charge Notice

How to appeal a new private parking ticket that has just been issued within 28 days. 

Table of Contents


How to Appeal Your Parking Charge Notice

If you have received a private parking ticket called “Parking Charge Notice” within the last 28 days, you don’t have to pay it right away. If you appeal and the appeal is rejected, you will still be able to pay the discount amount.

If you have received a private parking ticket called “Parking Charge Notice” within the last 28 days, you don’t have to pay it right away. If you appeal and the appeal is rejected, you will still be able to pay the discount amount.

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Notice to Driver

Notice to Keeper

Appealing your parking ticket is now very simple and only takes a few minutes. We provide an app to write your parking ticket appeal letter to get your ticket cancelled. Simply answer a few simple questions and you will have a perfectly written letter in minutes.

Although this is not a fine and just an invoice, please remember, that if the parking charge notice is not paid, the parking company will follow the debt recovery process to claim their money and could take the case to a small claims court.

Private parking companies have 6 years to submit a county court small claim from the date of issue.

There are 3 simple steps to appeal your parking charge notice

What to include in your parking ticket appeal letter

Our app will guide you with writing the appeal letter and even generate a personalised guide for your appeal.

  1. Explain why your parking ticket was issued unfairly
  2. Attach your photo evidence to support your case
  3. Select legal loop holes provided in the app

Parking Charge Notice Loopholes

Here are the appeal reasons to get your parking charge notice cancelled. Our app goes through a 50 point checklist to appeal your ticket.

1. Ticket Issued After 14 Days

If your parking charge notice was issued by post it must be issued within 14 days according to the law i.e. POFA 2012 in Section 9(5). It is important to also know that you can only use this appeal reason if you appeal as the registered keeper. If you make a mistake and mention that you were driving, the loophole is no longer available.

2. No Keeper Liability

If your parking charge notice does not mention that the operator is using POFA 2012 to transfer liability to you, then this means that the vehicle keeper can not be held liable for the charge. The operator can only transfer liability to the keeper if they use POFA 2012 Schedule 4. However, this only works if the operator doesn’t know who was driving.

3. The Parking Session Was Correct

If you receive a parking charge notice ticket after you visit a pay and display car park, but you bought a parking permit, you may be surprised that you have received parking charge, don’t worry, you have 10 minutes grace period at the end of every parking session over 1 hour.  

Example Parking Session:

  • Arrived at the car park at 12:00
  • Paid for 2 hours parking from 12:05 to 14:05
  • And you leave the car park at 14:15

To successfully appeal the parking charge, you have to show the operator that you did not overstay because Operator rules allow for:

  • 5 minutes of minimum consideration time
  • 10 minutes grace period

4. You Paid For Parking

If you simply paid for parking and your ticket was not on display. You should provide a copy of the permit you had on the day as evidence. They should review the evidence and see that parking was paid for and cancel the parking charge notice. Simply use the same option provided on the app above and select “Yes”, provide your pay and display permit as evidence.

5. You Did Not Overstay

Yes, you can still get a parking charge notice even if you left the car park on time. If parking was allowed for more than 1 hour, then you have 10 minutes grace period to leave the car park at the end of your session. Simply summarise the driver’s time of parking as stated in section 3 above and you will be fine.

6. Signs were Not Clear

Signs play an important role in enforcing parking tickets. If the signs are not clear or visible, then you have a genuine defence to contest them. Signs must also be clear at night.

There are 2 types of signs which must be clear and visible at all times.

  1. Entrance Signs must be big and show that the car park is private land
  2.  Signs showing Terms of Parking must be clearly displayed in the car park

The BPA rules state in section 19.3 that “Signs showing your detailed terms and conditions must be at least 450mm x 450mm“. If you find that the signs are small. Select the relevant option in our app to challenge them.

7. You were a Genuine Customer

Imaging visiting your favourite supermarket be it Tesco, Sainsbury’s or even a restaurant. You expect to spend more money with the retailer than with the car park.

If you do not have a legal loophole, you should consider talking to the retailer directly and asking them to step in. If you can visit them locally, take your parking ticket and proof of purchase with you. 

All landowners have the power to cancel a parking ticket. Think of this way, what do you think would happen if the parking company issued a ticket to the store manager? Exactly, it would be swifly cancelled.

8. Use Your Voice on Social Media

You would be surprised at the power of Twitter, Facebook and Email to get tickets sorted.
Brand reputation is very important and a negative parking ticket experience is something they will often correct.

Send the retailer a message asking them to confirm how you can get your ticket cancelled. 

Alternatively email the CEO and explain that you are a customer and need their help to get a ticket cancelled. You can find contacts and email addresses on the ceoemail website. Send them a message explaining your situation and you should see your parking ticket disappear.

9. You Can Name a Driver

This is not a loophole but the law says that if the vehicle keeper names a driver, the parking company has to pursue the driver. The driver can be based anywhere on earth because anyone who is legally allowed to drive could be given permission by the vehicle owner. 

You are probably wondering, can they use CCTV images? The answer is NO. The images from CCTV can only be used to monitor vehicles entering and leaving car parks. 

You should only do this if the person accepting liability understands this up front and knows how to appeal.

Parking Charge Notice FAQ

For New Parking Tickets

You must appeal the parking charge notice within 28 days, if you do this, the operator must respond to your appeal before you can send it to the adjudicator at the IAS or POPLA. If the operator refuses to address your appeal because you are not the driver, keep appealing as the keeper as they have to comply with Protections of Freedoms Act 2012.

The simple answer is YES and the longer you leave the private parking ticket, the harder it becomes to defend. At notice to driver and notice to keeper stage, the motorist must appeal to the operator first. If no appeal is logged, the notice will proceed to debt collection stage and then the operator may submit a court claim. Operators like Parking Eye, Vehicle Control Services issue court claims daily.

If you do not appeal the parking charge notice and your appeal deadline lapses, the only way you can defend yourself is via a court. During the debt collection stage, the debt collector only wants payment and they rarely cancel cases or rule in your favour. We recommend not engaging with debt collectors unless to tell them you won’t pay.

We can help you appeal parking tickets by either appealing on your behalf or you can use our service to write an appeal letter instantly. Our appeal letter writing service allows you to stress test each parking ticket and makes sure your ticket has been issued fairly. You can a tailored appeal letter specific to you and not a generic one.