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Submit Appeal Letter to Parking Company

After you have completed the appeal letter template, we will provide you with instructions on how to submit the appeal letter to the parking company.

Submit Appeal Using Online Forms

However, for some companies we can also help you submit the appeal online, if you do not receive confirmation that you have submitted your appeal within five minutes, you should simply for the instructions you provide to submit your appeal.

Why do with simple step-by-step instructions on how to submit your appeal to the parking company, simply follow them and your appeal will be submitted correctly.

Usually after submitting an online appeal, you will receive confirmation that the appeal has been submitted.

Select Correct Appeal Reasons

If you are the registered keeper, do not select a reason that identifies you as a driver on the appeal website.

If you have to, you should select a reason such as the signage was poor or the vehicle was not parked correctly or simply choose other.

Both these options do not name the driver and therefore the keeper’s right have not been avoided.

Submit Appeal By Email

If we have a more address for the parking company, we will simply send you an email to forward to the parking company and their email address will be provided as well.

It is important to submit your appeal, because we will not submit an appeal on your behalf because this must be done by yourself.

Submit Appeal By Postal

There are a number of companies that have not set up their systems correctly for online appeals, therefore we provide you instructions on how to submit your letter to them by post.

The reason for this is simply because they do not allow vehicle registered keeper is to submit an appeal without naming the driver or without the keeper stating that they are the driver.

Appealing in this manner not only puts the motorist at a disadvantage, but makes it is for the parking company to force you to avoid your legal rights.

So, we have already reviewed the companies which use unfair practices and have implemented. Appeal instructions for these companies.

Time Limit to Respond To Appeal

Private parking companies have to respond to an appeal within 35 days, if they do not respond within this time, then an appeal will be deemed to have been accepted.

However, if they reject your appeal after this time, we will include the relevant wording for the lawyer to check that they responded in time.

You can also add a comment if they respond after 35 days that the parking company took too long to respond and then provide the relevant information of how long it took to respond including the exact dates with appeal was sent and when they responded.

Remember, during the whole process, your goal is to identify mistakes that the parking company makes and use those to your advantage.

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