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UKPS North West Parking Fine Cancelled! Don’t Pay, Appeal Now!

Have you had a UKPS North West parking ticket recently? Unfortunately, too often these tickets are issued unfairly and without justification.

Your ticket could be invalid, you could be throwing money away if you don’t take the time to make sure you appeal your ticket correctly.

Parking Mate UK can help – we have the expertise to make sure that you take the correct steps, in order to avoid having to pay the parking fine.

UKPS North West fine Appeal Process

Don’t rush to try and write an appeal to UKPS North West by explaining what happened, this will make your appeal weaker. Most of our appeals are successful without explaining what happened but by using the law which is the strongest way to challenge a parking charge.

UKPS North West Appeal Process

Our private parking appeal service will check if UKPS North West issued your parking charge correctly and generate a legal letter for you.

It will also give you instructions on how to submit your appeal to UKPS North West and POPLA without making mistakes.

Write UKPS North West Appeal Letter

Our website is designed to check if your UKPS North West fine was issued correctly by asking you simple questions about your case to understand your situation.

If you have to explain what happened, don’t worry we will automatically check your comments and update them to make sure they are correctly written.

We do this to avoid mistakes and to make sure that every letter written on Parking Mate UK is correct and professional.

We will make sure that you send a strong appeal to UKPS North West, to increase the chances of you winning your appeal.

Here are the top 5 legal loopholes we use to get your parking fine cancelled:

  1. The notice doesn’t state how long the vehicle was parked (no period of parking)
  2. The notice was issued after 14 days since the vehicle was parked
  3. The notice doesn’t explain the reason why it was issued
  4. The notice is missing some legal wording on the notice
  5. The car park signage was not clear or difficult to read
  6. The parking company doesn’t have landowner authority

So just relax, and take your time to answer the questions on our online form. We will generate your letter after you complete the form and give instructions on how to submit it.

As you can see, the best appeal reasons have nothing to do with mitigation and are purely based on legal reasons why a parking charge notice should be cancelled.

However even if you raise some of these legal arguments, if you then name the driver, some of these arguments can become null and void because the law would not apply if the driver is named.

Sending the appeal to UKPS North West

Use Parking Mate UK to write you appeal, we will give you the simple instructions needed to submit the appeal correctly and avoid any mistakes.

UKPS North West have designed their appeal forms in a way that will invalidate your appeal if you select a reason that voids your legal rights.

For example, on some parking companies they have the following options as the reason for appeal:

  • I paid for parking
  • I did not see any signs
  • I did not realise that I had to pay for parking
  • my permit fell off the windscreen
  • I displayed my blue badge

While these options seem helpful, they force you to admit that you were driving, and as a result if he selected one of his options, it would invalidate any legal arguments you put forward.

So we highly recommend you follow our instructions to submit your appeal after you finish getting your legal letter.

Remember, once the appeal is submitted, do not contact the parking company to check for updates as this could result in them sending a response to you quicker.

UKPS North West Parking Fine Appeal Points To Remember:

  • Once you appeal letter is written, you must send to UKPS North West within 28 days for them to make a decision.
  • UKPS North West has to respond to your appeal within 35 days, any time after this, it will be considered that they have accepted the appeal if they take longer.
  • UKPS North West must address every point you make in your appeal, meaning they have to address your points, if they don’t address your points then they are taken to have accepted that point.
  • If you appeal is rejected, you can submit your appeal to POPLA within 28, POPLA would then have to make a decision that is binding on UKPS North West.
  • The first appeal is sent to UKPS North West, this gives them an opportunity to address the point raised in your letter. Our letters will provide the correct wording that you can use to challenge your parking ticket, it will include the legal requirements that UKPS North West must comply with.
  • If UKPS North West refused to comply with the legal requirements, they may be committing fraud because the law says they have to provide information which can help you.

Send Your Appeal To POPLA

If UKPS North West rejects your appeal, you can forward the appeal to POPLA for a final decision.

This will be the final opportunity to use the appeal process to challenge your ticket. You simply have to submit the appeal letter we prepare and the appeal checklist to the adjudicator to make a decision.

The decision from the tribunal is binding on UKPS North West, but it is not binding on the motorist. Therefore if your appeal is based on legal arguments and if the tribunal does not make this in your favour, it can still be contested in your county court based on the same legal arguments.

Both POPLA and IAS are known To refuse legitimate appeals, however if contested in the county court, the same arguments have been successful in winning the court case.

POPLA appeal points to remember:

  • We recommend paying a parking charge if the final appeal fails unless your appeal is based on legal arguments.
  • The IAS will not consider appeals based on legal arguments, so we recommend defending your case in court if your appeal is based on strong legal arguments
  • The operator have to dispute all points raised in your appeal letter, 1 point is enough to get the parking charge dismissed, so the more points you have, the better.

Parking Make UK is here to help. We provide our legal letters with a no-win, no-fee guarantee and support to those who wish to challenge UKPS North West tickets or court claims.

Our credible legal letters and clear step-by-step instructions help you present your case to UKPS North West in a professional manner, to improve your chance of winning your case and avoiding parking fines.

UKPS North West Parking Fine Scotland and Northern Ireland

If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you should not appeal to POPLA because they will ask the driver to appeal. Therefore, you can ignore the parking charge if you made the appeal to the operator as the registered keeper and did not name the driver.

Similarly, residents of Scotland and Northern Ireland who never provided driver details, can make a subject access request to find out if the parking company have processed their keeper information without legitimate reason to do so.

In this situation, they can then make a claim for Breach of Data Protection Act 2018 and the compensation could be up to £750 for single cases.

We recommend you use Parking Mate UK to defend your case and we will help you address this issue.

Important Links and Information:

Our No Win No Fee Guarantee

We know that dealing with parking tickets can be stressful, however we also want you to know that should your appeal be rejected at POPLA, we would be happy to refund the fee you pay to challenge a parking ticket.

We provide this guarantee because we want to help you challenge a parking ticket and we should only benefit if you are successful. As a result we would like our company to be based on the success of motorists.

Appeal your UKPS North West Fine