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Parking Mate UK

Private Parking Support

We help UK drivers with tools to challenge private parking tickets and get them cancelled! We want you to win.

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Do you need help with a parking charge notice ?

We provide tools and services to help drivers appeal parking tickets.
Whatever your situation, we can help!

Appeal Parking Charge Notice

Get your parking charge cancelled. We will prepare your appeal letter and give instructions on how to submit your appeal. Start your appeal for £4.99.

Debt Recovery Support

You don’t have to pay debt collectors or set up a payment plan. See our guidance on what to do with letters from debt recovery companies.

County Court Claims and CCJ's

Whether you have a court claim or County Court Judgement, we can help.

Whatever your situation, we can support with either defending your claim or you can get impartial advice to get your claim resolved.


Defend County Court Claim

We specialise in defending court claims. We will handle the whole process for you so you don’t have to go to court. Submit your case for £99.99 now!

Set Aside County Court Judgement

Get help to have your CCJ removed. We will apply to get the CCJ removed and defend your court claim at the same time.

Recent Articles

Our advice centre is full of useful articles to get your tickets sorted.

Enforcement process

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