Your Bank Park PCN Cancelled

Parking Mate UK helps drivers challenge Bank Park PCN’s, Court Claims and avoid debt recovery charges. Our online tools to help you fight Bank Park fines and win.

Bank Park PCN Support Options

A Bank Park PCN is a private parking ticket issued as a parking charge notice and it’s not a parking fine. If the PCN is not cancelled or paid, you can be taken to court.

Our tools check if your PCN was issued correctly and write your appeal to get your fine cancelled.

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Bank Park PCN - Parking Charge Notice

If you have just received a Bank Park PCN within the last 28 days. We can help you can challenge it.

Our online appeal letter can check if your pcn was issued correctly and get it cancelled.

How To challenge Bank Park parking charge notice:

  1. We check if your parking charge notice was issued correctly using POFA 2012
  2. We check if the parking charge notice complies with International Parking Community rules
  3. We ask Bank Park to prove that the driver agreed to the terms on the signs
  4. We ask Bank Park to provide they have a contract with the landowner
  5. We write a parking ticket appeal letter for you with the correct wording

Our appeal letters definitely improve your chances of winning and forces Bank Park to prove their case even if you have parked not incorrectly.

Bank Park reminder Notice

A reminder notice is usually sent between 14 -45 days after the parking charge notice was issued.

Your options depend on whether you are within the appeal period or not.

Within 28 days of issue

  • You can still challenge your PCN
  • Your right to pay the reduced amount may no longer apply
  • You should appeal to The IAS to have the best chance of winning.

Outside 28 days of issue

Bank Park can only pursue a PCN if they issue a parking charge notice on the windscreen or by post, enforcement cannot start with a reminder notice. 

If you did not receive a parking charge notice, they have not complied with the law i.e. POFA 2012 or International Parking Community rules.

If you receive a parking charge notice reminder without receivin a PCN, you should do the following:

  • Send a subject access to request your data to the Bank Park Data Protection Officer
  • Request all data they have on you including copies of all

Once your data is provided, you should be able to see the details of the parking charge notice. If you did not receive the parking charge notice, you should offer to pay the original amount or inform them that you will contest the matter in court.

Bank Park debt recovery notice

If you receive a debt recovery notice, it usually means there was no appeal or payment made to the operator within 28 days or if you did not receive a parking charge notice, then you have to request your data.

How to challenge Bank Park debt recovery issue sorted

  • Read our guide on debt recovery
  • Request a copy of your data
  • Settle the original payment with Bank Park
  • Or fight your case in court

Bank Park County Court Claim

County Court

A money claims online court claim form will be sent to you if you do not pay the parking charge notice or get it cancelled successfully. Court claims are the final step for Bank Park trying to get money from you and they can be defended easily.

A money claims online court claim form will be sent to you if you do not pay the parking charge notice or get it cancelled successfully. Court claims are the final step for Bank Park trying to get money from you and they can be defended easily.

The court claim process is as follows:

  • You receive a county court claim from Bank Park
  • You write and submit your defence to the CCBC
  • You tell the court where you want to have the hearing via N180 form
  • You send a witness statement explaining your version of events
  • You attend the hearing and represent yourself as litigant in person

Bank Park Appeal Was Rejected

If your appeal was rejected, you may still have options to challenge further. See a summary of our options below to see if you can continue to fight your case.

Appeal Rejected by Bank Park within 28 days:
  • You can still write an appeal and send it to The IAS
  • The IAS will try to determine if you or the parking company have a stronger case
  • If Bank Park don’t submit evidence within 8 days to The IAS, you will win automatically
  • If the appeal fails, you can pay the full PCN amount and the case will be closed.

Appeal Rejected by The IAS:

  • If The IAS have rejected your appeal, you can pay the PCN or fight the case in court.
  • You should only take the case to court if you have strong evidence that you parked correctly or had permission
  • If you have no evidence, we recommend settling the amount to avoid the fees esclating
  • A court claim is often between £180 – £250, this is higher than the original amount

pay Bank Park PCN

We highly recommend that you appeal your parking charge notice before you make payment.
Even if you have no evidence of parking correctly, the parking charge notice must be issued correctly and if not, it will be cancelled.

How to pay Bank Park PCN:

  1. Go to Bank Park website
  2. Enter your pcn details
  3. Enter your payment details
  4. Payment will be processed

Please note that once payment is made, you cannot appeal because it is considered an admission of guilt and the case will be closed.

Bank Park FAQ

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions about Bank Park tickets.

Can I ignore Bank Park Ticket?

Since the law changed in 2015, it is no longer advisable to ignore Bank Park tickets. If you ignore the Bank Park ticket, enforcement will continue and might result in a county court claim. If the case goes to court, you will have to spend time defending the claim and attending court so you don’t get a CCJ.

Do I have to pay a Bank Park PCN?

In a recent post, Quality Solicitors answered the to pay or not to pay question.  You should only pay your Bank Park PCN if you have tried to appeal and the appeal has not been accepted. The article confirms that “Whilst it may be time consuming and costly for a car parking operative to take you to the Civil Courts, if they want to, they can.” So appeal your ticket to Bank Park or The IAS and if not successful, make payment.

Is Bank Park parking charge legal?

Yes, a parking charge notice issued by Bank Park is legal because it’s an invoice that has to be issued correctly. If they use the law to issue the invoice, the vehicle keeper will be liable to pay it if its not paid.

Can Bank Park take me to court?

This go girl article confirmed that private parking companies can take you to court if you ignore their parking charge notice. Parking enforcement is governed by International Parking Community who set the rules on how Bank Park should operate.

About Bank Park Ltd

Bank Park Ltd manage a number of car parks across the UK and are members of the International Parking Community. This gives them authority to obtain your details from the DVLA and issue parking charge notices for breach of contract. 

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