Brent pcn appeal guide

Received a Brent pcn?

If you have received a Brent parking fine? You therefore need a great parking fine appeal letter to get your ticket cancelled.
This page will give you full details on how to challenge your Brent penalty charge notice and win.
Use our dedicated app to write your FREE parking ticket appeal letter and our parking guide to get instant advice.

45% Brent pcn Appeal success

A report from London Councils in 2019, showed that when motorists took cases to the tribunal, they won 45% of appeals of Brent Parking Fines. The council didn’t even contest 61% of successful appeals meaning motorists won without the case being heard. 


Use our app to write a professional appeal letter and thereby increase the chance of getting your parking fine cancelled.

  • 1. Write your appeal letter to contest the penalty charge
  • 2. Download your letter instantly or check your email
  • 3. Send the appeal letter to the council online
  • 4. If the council reject your appeal, send it to London Tribunals

Brent parking fine defences

Council Errors

  • Ticket issued late
  • Incorrect signage on the street
  • Multiple parking tickets issued
  • Council failed to respond on time

Ticket Warden Errors

  • Location not captured correctly
  • No PCN issued to driver
  • PCN contains wrong details
  • No evidence captured on pcn

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