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How to Appeal Barking and Dagenham Penalty Charge Notice

This guide provides you with free advice on how to challenge your Barking and Dagenham Penalty Charge Notice. Often parking fines are not issued correctly and our aim is to help you write a better appeal letter in 5 minutes to improve the chances of getting your Barking and Dagenham pcn cancelled.

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Table of Contents

Why Did Barking and Dagenham Issue a Penalty Charge Notice?

Barking and Dagenham is a local council who have a responsibility to manage street parking, keep traffic flowing and ensure pedestrians are safe when using public roads. They issue parking fines to motorists who break the rules on the street and Barking and Dagenham managed car parks.

The city

They issue a penalty charge notice, also referred to as a parking fine for:

  1. Breaking traffic rules
  2. Not observing parking restrictions
  3. Not parking correctly in a Barking and Dagenham run car park
  4. Parking for longer than permitted

When you receive a Barking and Dagenham penalty charge notice, you have the option to pay or appeal it. You have nothing to lose by appealing the parking fine because if the appeal is rejected, the discount will often be re-offered.

You can contact Barking and Dagenham on twitter @lbbdcouncil to get ask about your parking ticket. Please note that parking ticket appeals must be sent via their website not on Twitter or Email.

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Joe Lycett won his appeal because "The council simply didn't have a proper photo of the vehicle in a taxi rank, therefore, the contravention did not occur."

Types of Barking and Dagenham Penalty Charge Notice - PCN

There are four types of penalty charge that Barking and Dagenham can issue to a motorist. 

Each type of penalty charge has specific rules and guidelines that Barking and Dagenham must follow. If the rules are not followed, you can challenge this and get the penalty charge notice cancelled.

  1. Bus Lane
  2. Windscreen
  3. Moving Traffic
  4. Off-Street Car Park

Appealing a Barking and Dagenham penalty charge using our app requires a no prior understanding of the rules because you will be guided through the options. We wanted to make this process easier than ever because most people are too busy to read the laws, so all you need to do is follow the steps in our penalty charge appeal letter app.

If you don’t find a defence, don’t worry, we are still updating our app and it will eventually cover all types of contraventions. 

All you have to do is put the right contravention code and our app will show you the best defence in each scenario.

Top Reasons To Get Out of Your Barking and Dagenham Penalty Charge

The following are the best reasons to use in your appeal letter to get your penalty charge notice cancelled. Check if your penalty charge notice was issued correctly. You can read some additional reasons on the Citizens Advice Website.

In all scenarios, you have to remember that Barking and Dagenham have to prove that the contravention occurred. If there is no evidence of contravention, then you should challenge them and ask them to prove a contravention occurred.


All the points below are included in our appeal letter app and all you have to do is choose the options which apply to your specific case in our app.

Barking and Dagenham Windscreen Penalty Charge Checklist

  1. Was the PCN placed on the vehicle and do the photos prove this?
  2. Did you receive multiple penalty charge notices for the same offence?
  3. Does the signage support the penalty charge notice?
  4. Were you loading and unloading?
  5. Was the notice to owner issued after 6 months?
Barking and Dagenham penalty charge
Barking and Dagenham enforcement camera

Barking and Dagenham Moving Traffic PCN Checklist

  1. Was the PCN issued within 28 days?
  2. Does the penalty charge notice have the correct contravention code?
  3. Have you received multiple PCN’s during a short period of time

Barking and Dagenham Bus Lane PCN Checklist

    1. Was the bus lane signage and timings clear?
    2. Did you drive in the bus lane for less than 20 metres?
    3. Were you entering a bus lane to access a building?
    4. Did you have to drop or pick up a passenger in a bus lane?
    5. Did you just turn into a bus lane and there was no sign?
bus lane
Barking and Dagenham bus lane

We have reviewed over 360,000 cases from London Tribunal adjudicators, and evidence has shown these reasons are valid for getting a penalty charge cancelled and if you include them in your appeal, you have a high chance of your PCN being cancelled.

How to Write Your Barking and Dagenham Penalty Charge PCN Appeal Letter

You should write your PCN when you are relaxed, calm and can think straight. Often people underestimate that appealing a penalty charge notice is a legal process and Barking and Dagenham have trained staff who are there to respond to challenges professionally.

The easiest way to beat your parking fine is to simply use the Parking Mate UK app to write your appeal letter since it will guide you through the process and provide the best defences to select from. Our app walks through the following:
  • Provides ready made defences to insert in your appeal
  • Includes key adjudicator cases for similar contraventions
  • Checks if Barking and Dagenham PCN was issued correctly
  • Captures Barking and Dagenham Penalty Charge PCN details
  • Checks if the Barking and Dagenham PCN complied with the rules
Parking Mate UK App

When to Appeal Your Barking and Dagenham Penalty Charge PCN

You have 28 days to pay or appeal your Barking and Dagenham penalty charge notice. Anytime you receive correspondence from Barking and Dagenham, you usually have 28 days to respond, however you should aim to respond within 14 days.

A 2019 report from London Councils showed that less than 1% of penalty charges were appealed, which was 36,000 from 5.9million tickets.

This means 99% of penalty charges are not even challenged. If more people challenge penalty charges, it will result in more appeals winning because Barking and Dagenham will not be able to respond to all appeals on time. Already Barking and Dagenham are not able to contest every case at the London Tribunal and therefore more appeals are won because they didn’t even contest.

If you appeal outside the discount period, the full amount is due, and in this case, you should take the case through the full enforcement process.

If after writing a free penalty charge appeal letter you find that you have some legal defences or any of the following scenarios apply, you should definitely appeal your Barking and Dagenham penalty charge PCN throughout the full process including the tribunal.

·       Barking and Dagenham did not leave a penalty charge notice on your windscreen


·       The postal penalty charge notice from Barking and Dagenham came after 28 days

·       Barking and Dagenham sent your notice to owner after 6 months

·       Any documents went to your old address

·       Our appeal letter app shows that you have a legal defence

·      If you have proof that a contravention did not occur

When to Pay Your Barking and Dagenham Penalty Charge PCN

Our general advice is that even if you do not have a genuine reason to contest a penalty charge and it was issued correctly, you still appeal the first penalty charge anyway and if the council refuse to allow the appeal and cancel the penalty charge, they will offer you the discount and you have nothing to lose.

If you have no genuine defence, you should pay the parking ticket when Barking and Dagenham reject your first appeal and re-offer your discount. 

You should always send an appeal at least once since you have nothing to lose.

How to Appeal Barking and Dagenham Temporary Covid Restrictions

If Barking and Dagenham have put temporary restrictions using cameras or bollards, you can challenge them if you were not informed in advance or the road does have any warnings before you reach the restriction. 

These restrictions are often introduced to reduce rat-running (drivers taking shortcuts) on residential streets and to promote social distancing, so you may find that your normal route has “road closed” signs or “parking suspended” signs.

Lewisham Dermody Road

Please read this article which goes in detail on rat running from the RAC which covers What is rat-running and should cut-through traffic be illegal?

In all cases, inspect the signs carefully because if they are not clear or if the restrictions were installed overnight or it’s your first offence, Barking and Dagenham may be able to cancel the penalty charge.

If Barking and Dagenham have introduced a temporary restriction on a road called Westminster Road, use google to search their site for the traffic management order, the google query would look something like this: site:* road TMO” you can also add a space and “filetype: pdf” if you want to restrict answers to pdf documents only.

Once you find the documents, simply read through to identify anything you can use in your appeal.

How to Send Your Barking and Dagenham Appeal

  • Go to Barking and Dagenham parking website
  • Enter your details and email address
  • Attach the PDF appeal letter to your appeal
  • Simply say "See attached letter" in the appeal box
  • Submit your appeal and wait for the operator to reply

Dealing with Barking and Dagenham at London Tribunal

Appeals which go to London Tribunal will be reviewed by an independent adjudicator, their job is to assess whether the PCN was issued correctly. 

If you only rely on mitigating reasons, your appeal will almost always fail. You need to find legal reasons to challenge your PCN.

The adjudicators can only allow an appeal if they find that the council has not followed the rules or has made an administrative error. 

You should provide as much evidence as possible when sending your appeal to London Tribunal because Barking and Dagenham have to prove that the contravention occurred and they will submit a detailed case file in most cases.

Finding Supporting cases At London Tribunal

Since all councils in the UK follow the same laws, you can use a supporting case from London Tribunals to improve your chance of winning your appeal. 

London Tribunals publish all successful appeals, therefore, if you have a similar scenario, you can use the law mentioned to get your penalty charge cancelled with Barking and Dagenham. To find similar cases, simply follow the steps below. 

You can see the key cases here

Finding cases at London Tribunal:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Statutory Registers
  3. Select search under Environment and Traffic Adjudicators
  4. Enter the following:
    • Enforcing authority as Barking and Dagenham
    • Enter desired dates
    • Outcome as Appeal allowed

You will then be presented with a list of all successful appeal cases which you can review and find one that matches your case. Simply copy the “case reference number” and “adapt the text from the decision” to include in your appeal letter.

Common ways to win London Tribunal appeals against Barking and Dagenham Penalty Charge PCN

  1. If Barking and Dagenham does not include a penalty charge notice in their case file, it means they will not prove the contravention occurred and therefore the appeal will be allowed
  2. If Barking and Dagenham send you a charge certificate while your case is with the London Tribunal, you should update your appeal at London Tribunal and upload a copy of the charge certificate, it means the authority has sent a demand for payment which they are not allowed to demand and enforcement is unlawful.
  3. If Barking and Dagenham don’t upload a case file on time, then the appeal will be allowed
  4. If Barking and Dagenham responded to your formal appeal after 56 days, you should highlight this to London Tribunal because Barking and Dagenham are deemed to have accepted the representation and the appeal will be allowed.
  5. Finally, the assessor will only check the facts you state, they are not obliged to highlight any error made by the council if you don’t highlight it.

How to Send Your Appeal to London Tribunal

  • Go to London Tribunal to start
  • Enter your details and email address
  • Attach the PDF appeal letter to your appeal
  • Simply say "See attached letter" in the appeal box
  • Submit your appeal and wait for the tribunal to reply

Read more about Penalty Charge Notices

How to complain about unfair penalty charge enforcement

If you have lost an appeal and you feel that Barking and Dagenham haven’t dealt with it properly, you can use the complaint process to get things right. The complaint process works in 3 stages.

  1. Stage  1 complaint – This complaint is sent to Barking and Dagenham via the complaint process detailed on their website. If you are not satisfied with the response, the case can be escalated.
  2. Stage 2 complaint – This complaint is sent to a very senior representative within Barking and Dagenham, usually the CEO, this is the final chance for the council to get things right.
  3. Stage 3 complaint – The final stage requires escalating the complaint to The Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman

The purpose of the ombudsman is clearly stated on their home page which says:

We look at individual complaints about councils, all adult social care providers (including care homes and home care agencies) and some other organisations providing local public services. We are a free service. We investigate complaints in a fair and independent way - we do not take sides.

Please note that your complaint cannot be about why you believe the PCN wasn’t issued correctly, your complaint must be about the process of enforcing the penalty charge pcn.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Can I Ignore Barking and Dagenham Ticket?​

The simple answer is no, if you ignore the penalty charge, the amount will keep increasing as enforcement escalates. A £65 penalty charge notice in London can easily become £513 if ignored and bailiffs are involved. Use our guide to see your options at every stage of the enforcement process

02. What if Barking and Dagenham reject my appeal ?

If Barking and Dagenham reject your appeal, you can submit the appeal to London Tribunal within 28 days. Once your appeal is submitted, the authority will have to submit their case within 28 days, if not, the appeal will be decided in your favour.

03. How to pay the Barking and Dagenham PCN

To pay your Barking and Dagenham ticket

  1. Go to the council website
  2. Enter your parking ticket details
  3. Make your payment.

Once payment is made, the case will be closed.

04. My London Tribunal appeal has been rejected

London Tribunal consider your appeal based on evidence provided. Their decision is binding on you and the authority and the PCN must be paid after this.

05. Will bailiffs arrive on my door ?

Yes, Barking and Dagenham can instruct bailiffs to collect payment if you don’t deal with the penalty charge notice. Appeal now to avoid more costs later.