How to Appeal a South Somerset District Parking Ticket

Free South Somerset District PCN Appeal Letter

Only 1 person in every 100 tickets issued appeals their parking fine, making it easy for South Somerset District to make the large profits. If more people appeal, councils won’t be able to respond on time and therefore, more appeals will be successful.

  • Use the parking fine appeal letter app to write your appeal for free
  • Answer a few questions about your parking ticket and the parking situation
  • Add pictures of your parking ticket, any photos of signs and evidence
  • We will generate your appeal letter with the correct wording and legal points
  • Send the appeal letter on South Somerset District's website or on the Traffic Penalty Tribunal website
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Should you Challenge South Somerset District Fines?

Learning how to appeal South Somerset District parking tickets will save you hundreds if not thousands. There is no excuse for paying parking fines early since you have nothing to lose by appealing. In 2019, a report by David Leibling from RAC Foundation showed that councils made a profit of £930 million from UK drivers in parking tickets alone.

It takes a few minutes to write an appeal letter for your South Somerset District parking fine with our app. The previously long and complicated process is now just a few clicks of a mouse and taps on a phone. Imagine having a lawyer helping you appeal your ticket.

Once you have your PDf appeal letter, it takes less than 2 minutes to send it to South Somerset District. This guide has been written to help you appeal your ticket, if your ticket can no longer be appealed, please Check Your Ticket to get our help.

South Somerset District PCN Appeal Process

Check your options on what to do at each stage. For a detailed advice, please check your ticket here

If a parking warden from South Somerset District puts a ticket on your windscreen, you have the option to appeal the ticket within 28 days. There are many ways to beat tickets at this stage. The Parking Mate UK app will help you check some common mistakes made by parking wardens. You have nothing to lose at this stage because if the appeal is rejected, South Somerset District, will offer you the discount amount.

South Somerset District may reject a perfectly written appeal because they know that most people will pay the discount amount rather than risk paying the full amount at Traffic Penalty Tribunal. However, if you have a strong case based on our appeal letter, you should appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal and take the case all the way. If everyone appealed South Somerset District parking fines, most people would win because South Somerset District have to respond within 56 days.

If South Somerset District have rejected your appeal but you have a strong case, you should send your appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal within 28 days of receiving the notice of rejection. Some appeals are successful simply because South Somerset District don’t challenge the appeal. The success rate for London Tribunals is around 55%, so it’s worth a shot.

If you receive a Charge Certificate from South Somerset District, you can still write an appeal or ask them to reduce it to the lower amount. To do this, go to the  South Somerset District website and send an appeal. Appeals at this stage may be rejected but there is hope.

If you don’t pay the Charge Certificate, it progresses to the Order for Recovery stage. This means South Somerset District have applied for a warrant to be issued and bailiffs to recover the amount. You can appeal the Order for Recovery within 21 days of it being issued, if you appeal within this time, it will be cancelled.

We recommend contacting our team to support at this stage.

At this stage, you will receive a “Notice of Enforcement” and the bailiff will try to attend your property to recover the unpaid penalty charge.

We recommend contacting our team to support at this stage.

Common South Somerset District PCN Defences

Whatever the reason is that South Somerset District issued you a parking ticket, the Parking Mate UK app will provide easy defences to simply click on. Keep these defences in mind when you are writing your appeal.

  • A windscreen PCN must be placed on your car clearly
  • The evidence must show the car breaking the rules
  • You should have at least 5 minutes observation period
  • Taxi/Uber drivers can stop on yellow lines to do pickups
  • A postal PCN must be issued within 28 days by first class post
  • You are allowed to load and unload heavy or pre-ordered goods
  • Taxi drivers can drop people off on single and double yellow lines
  • Blue badge holders stop on yellow lines and use pedestrian zones
  • Bus lane contraventions should not be minor errors or short distance
  • You should have at least 5-10 minutes when paying for parking in a pay and display zone

South Somerset District Contact Details

Here are the different ways to contact South Somerset District

If your query is not resolved by South Somerset District, you should consider using the complaint process to engage them.

How to Pay South Somerset District Parking Fine

To pay your South Somerset District penalty charge notice. Please follow the instructions on your PCN or see the steps below. You can usually pay by card on the website, cheque, cash at a local pound or by sending a postal order to South Somerset District.

How to Send South Somerset District Appeal

  • Go to South Somerset District appeal website
  • Enter your details and email address
  • Attach the PDF appeal letter to your appeal
  • Simply say "See attached letter" in the appeal box
  • Submit your appeal and wait for the operator to reply

How to Send Traffic Penalty Tribunal Appeal

  • Go to Traffic Penalty Tribunal website to start
  • Enter your details and email address
  • Attach the PDF appeal letter to your appeal
  • Simply say "See attached letter" in the appeal box
  • Submit your appeal and wait for the tribunal to reply

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