The London Penalty Charge Process

London On Street Penalty charge enforcement process

Penalty Charge Enforcement Guide

Living in London has many benefits but receiving parking fines is one of the things most residents complain about. The London penalty charge enforment process is written to give you a clear step by step process to resolve your parking fine. This is for penalty charge notices issued for on street parking. Please read the relevant guide for moving traffic contraventions like box junctions, bus lanes or failure to comply with signs


You will typically be issued an on street penalty charge notice in London for breaching one of the contraventions such as:

01 – Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours.
06 – Parked without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket or voucher.
30 – Parked for longer than permitted.


There are laws and guidelines that the council must follow to ensure that penalty charge enforcement is fair to all motorists. If the authority has not followed the rules properly, you can state that they made a procedural error and use that to get your penalty charge notice cancelled.


PEnalty Charge Instant Advice

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